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@Sheilkuroi: Any idea how long chapter 3 is going to take? I definitely want to buy Kokkinos, but I can't wait :(
Aki, sweets, that's not a secret
@Lucid: I'm getting curious about those comments now x'D Still, I suppose I'm better off without knowing
Wait, so are they breaking up or are they going to move in together? Now it seems like Wil just said goodbye to hos bf...
I start to wonder if these lines on Enyo's skin are natural, like birthmarks or moles, or tattoed... because getting tattoed there must hurt a lot |D
Somehow I thought there was more saliva than in the tumblr version I saw yesterday xD Still, I'm soooo glad Kokkinos is back, it definitely deserves a lot more attention!
Aki sure has a weird definition of fine x)

I still can't believe this is the last chapter, ORD has been a part of my life for so many years ;A;
Aww but he was such a pretty little seahorse!
@Hoagie: I saw them too!
@amanduur: Let's see a picture, I bet it looks great!
I'm always so excited to see a new page that I decided to support this comic on patreon, you really should be able to update more frequently! '3'
I love the dynamics between them so much! I hope they're going to be like this as a couple, always teasing each other!
Eishiya, have you ever made any other webcomics? Somehow your style seems awfully familiar but I have no idea where I could know it from!

Besides, this comic is super interesting and I can't wait to see where it's going.
@BritDillinger: Actually it's quite common to say "Try and ..."
Probably an allergic reaction to the exams :p I can recommend lots of rests, fresh air and an infusion of narrow-leaf plantain! (Infusion like tea, not like needle, tho.)
Don't worry about being embarrassed, I've read quite a lot Yaoi-comics and for every artist, there's a first time for drawing genitals and sexual intercourse, and most of them feel a bit weird in the beginning. You'll get used to it :)
Okay I think I'm really kind of stalking this comic, I read it AGAIN and I cried AGAIN over the scene where Aki faces his neglectful parents! I really can't believe this comic will ever come to an end, it's been one of the first webcomics I've ever read, it's been around smackjeeves longer than I am! And I'm really really so grateful for it, it makes me so happy to read about Kaidou and Aki and their friends, it's amazing to see the progress you've made over the years and the amazing amount of work you put in. I'm rambling but I guess what I want to say is that when ORD ends I'll live in a cave and never read online comics again because none of them can take the place of One Rainy Day.
I just decided to support you on patreon bc you're an amazing artist and you deserve so much more publicity! I love you and your art and you really should be able to make a living with it!
In classical latin it would be A-vee-uh-lAi, something like that.
Woooo O: Is there any way to support this project financially if we like it?