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I like pokèmon
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why the fudge is everyone dying now?? huh?
Also yay, I can enter a contest! how fun..
holy ship? I dunno..
Is he dead? I think so..
Also what is a "stupid noodle?"
Kirby's Back :D
Thank God, Caiya's not dead..
Well.. There seem to be lot of deaths in this chapter..?
Sorry Guys
I hope to see you soon!
lol, the nuzlocke underline tho
Chapter 1, Episode 17
Looks like there are parts, or semi chapters..
Chapter 1, Episode 16
If Fayyaz can take 3 whole weeks to find out that squirtle doesn't know any moves, Jasmine very much has permission to read.
so good so good
Chapter 1, Episode 15
Happy last episode of the year!
Sorry about the non upload yesterday. I was animating a Pokèmon video! Check it out: Also, please subscribe..
Anyways, this is the last episode of the year because tomorrow we are leaving town to visit relatives. I wont tell you where, because that would be stalking.
+fav please :D
updates are every weekday!
Chapter 1, Episode 14
The max file size limit is 500 KB. This episode was 499 KB. Download it. It's 100% legit.

Sorry i didn't upload daily anymore. The new schedule is everyday except for Saturday and Sunday. :D
Chapter 1, Episode 13
Don't ask why fayyaz thought that. Just dont
Wut The Fudge
@willky7: I didn't really have a reason for it. Let's just keep it at that it was on purpose :P
Chapter 1, Episode 12
Be sure to check out a wiki my nerd friend made for the comic!
Chapter 1, Episode 11
Chapter 1, Episode 10
Pokèmon clueless has its own wiki!
Thanks to my friend derp (I'll put his real name once he lets me) for creating it.
sorry about the white background. If I have time, i'll fix it
Chapter 1, Episode 9
Was the troll face a good idea?