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I came here at 15. 22 now. F.
I miss league. And gaming in general. But it is nice not to be surrounded by negativity.
I didn't see paint on her fingers anywhere.
@GreenKrog: if I were the glass half full type, I wouldn't be here talking to you, my dear.
@GreenKrog: I'm not saying it's unrealistic, just that everyone in a position of power to enact change in these kids' lives have failed to do so at every turn. The fact that all this is not only reasonably possible, but fairly familiar is pretty shit but that's life innit.

Sheesh mobile is messing me up today
I think if any authorities had been worth their salt in this entire province, there would have been a lot less drama involved in these plots.

Edit: whoops, @mj6373
No, dont.
Damn dude, It seems I missed some things the past month or two. I'm going to catch up but damn. Damn.
Aw :x
How dare you make me log in! Just to say this scene reminds me of my Bob. He's forcibly hugged me into acceptance more times than I can count. The best kinds of hugs are the ones you don't know you need :') hope you're doing okay gk, yesterday looked like a yikes. Here's one of those hugs for you too!
Okay, I need a close-up representation here, that looks sweeeet and i might have to get my mom to make me one ♡^♡
@GreenKrog: Too late, Erica as an itty bitty stalker kitty is too cute a delusion to forgo in favor of facts :3

Edit: Actually, her lurking in the background and then suddenly jumping to the foreground and grabbing annie's shoulder only serves to further my argument. Yes, Tony of school years' past, all your friend have cat paws, and always will. muahahahaha
Erica needs a bell. She just creeped up there
@GreenKrog: I genuinely thought that was on purpose to kinda symbolize the levels of miscommunication on every end here... I think you should have left it, for once xD
@GreenKrog I knew my moms family was bipolar. But all my life I've been in denial that that was what was causing my issue. So was she. So am I. So is she. Its a complicated issue. Very difficult to know about someone who barely exists, I guess :)
Also, her not being able to understand from what direction HE is coming at her from. Which is connected to that. Causing it... Idk. I like this page.
Might be me projecting my parents dysfunction, but it seems kinda like he is instable himself, and trying to help someone with the same problem as you is impossible because of the whole introspective thing.... man
There's something else... being spewed like a balloon released mid-fill, it's a little off-putting and I think meant to be read in to but I am dedded