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Battle getting juicy
Seems like an even match so far... But, someone has gotta pull out the big guns first. Can't wait for the next strip!
Story Getting Good
Maybe call the title... Death Care? or... Health Care Repealed? or Health sCare? I don't know. lol STORY STILL GETTING GOOD THO!
this is getting good! :)
Did you play the new game, Spirit of Justice? I haven't yet, but I have heard mixed reviews, mostly good ones tho. lol
Winning Move?

Or... Maybe just teamwork.
Play Of Word
@DracheLehre: I bet he's going to say:
"Are you finished talking...?" >:(
Table Turn?
Serenade to beat some sense into Bass?
Let the wasting... COMMENCE! :)
Original, Legendary, or Ultimate
Is this Bass's true true form that he has been holding back or is this his ultimate dark bug form?

Like the question: Is he the original Super Saiyan or is he the LEGEND...DARY Super Saiyan?
Ultimate Plan
Area Grab x2 + Prism + Attacks = WINNING
But then again... Bass.
Relation Ships
Gonna be a lot of family and relationship problems, huh?
Hoping for Sean to somehow find a way to get/charm Kalinka. Either in this chapter or later in the series. :)
@Pharaoh Man: Just a silly question. Are counters possibility here? The ones that help you get bugfrags. lol I know they changed that after MMBN3, but seeing a counter is amusing.
Sword Attack
@That Anon: Maybe there's one more Antisword left? Antidamage is still a possibility...
Back stories
@Koopario: This comic is very similar to Dragon Ball Multiverse (OK fine, i'm only saying that because both have tournaments), but that is not the point. The point is that I think having 'some' back stories would be nice. But, don't be like DBM - spamming back stories. lol
On point
@Pharaoh Man: Yes. It will be not only be helpful, but funny as hex as well. lol
Double Leader
@GhostmanSP: I like how this comic has style like BN4 (no, not the story-line and plot you all hate, i'm talking about the tournaments). Maybe there will be 'liberation missions' or something like that from BN5? I think that would be cool. Anyways, yeah I think this is the first time seeing Chaud and Baryl interacting. lol

Need to see them together more.
"...Skipping you again."
"Seems fair."


Ahhh... That joke never get old.
(Really, it doesn't. REALLY. Don't you dare get rid of it.)

I'm hoping to see it again at the most random and unexpected time!
Know her well
@Djoing: Let's just hope he knows Ribitta well enough to disguise as her. Or Baryl will soon notice that Ribitta is a little... different? Maybe especially around him and Anetta.
@Koopario: This is starting to sound like an identity crisis! lol xD
Locked Up
@godmoderncommander: Wait... It's that dude still in jail? lol I mean, he tried to freeze everyone to death before.