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I wonder if he'll take the same route as Joshua?
p.s. thanks for the extra uploads, made me so happy :D, also great job as usual, thanks for the hard work :)
It's really up to you, however I would like to know how this comic carries on. Re-reading this was fun :)
thank you for the constant updates, you pages are great as usual :D
eep! indeed
lol Alex is soo see through, cute though <3 also thanks for the updates :D

ps. I hope you have fun at college :)
yay Zadel x Abel scene woot! looking forward to it :)

ps. it's good to know you're feeling better; also thank you for replying to my comment, it was very nice of you :)
thanks for the updates!Great page as always. I hope you're feeling better soon :)
@Vilani: Your dog 007 is so cute <3 makes me wish I was aloud one too :D Also thanks for all the regular updates, the page is great as always!

ps. love your dog's name :)
thanks for the updates, also congrats for being only 1 page away from being back on track; thanks for all the hard work!
..the cat's out of the bag now; wonder what will be happening next, looking forward to it! as always thank you Vilani for sticking with your updates, it really makes my day when I'm able to come here and find the Dragon and the Lemur has been updated :D xx
as always
thank you very much for regular updates :D
I bet it's hard work but you do it any ways so again thanks x
pat on the back
yay, well done! this chapter looks great in colour, I'm glad you stuck it out and didn't give up half way :D thank you very much for all your hard work! Can't wait to see what's gonna happen with Nakay and Joshua.
wonder what's gonna happen, thank you for the updates. :D
Brain Damage! lol that cracked me up, thanks for the update.
got to make sure
I was wondering when Hakakku was gonna ask that, lol well he seems like the type that has to know outright. thanks for the updates and it's great as usual x
awww so cute! thanks for the hard work :D
what's in there
ooohh I wonder what did Chain end up bringing? great as always, thanks for the updates!
@neko_hime_21: totally agree :p
@crazymissdaisy: not trying to be offensive but I think you mean she had a miscarriage rather than aborted; aborted is the result of an abortion.
it's funny how she does not remember where her sons all live. lol
also thanks for the updates :D
awww Nakay is sooo cute, love the chibi forms <3 also thanks for the constant updates xx