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BD just an artist who compulsively creates stories to draw, please look around and enjoy your stay~

thanks so much to everyone who reads, comments, rates, faves, and generally appreciates my comics even just a little <3
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Harajuku Boyz is officially over!
I had to cut it short as I have a lot of things I need to do, so sorry for the rushed ending and the crappy quality.

But, thanks so very much for all the support :' 3
ohhh i can't wait till these guys get off this dang bridge already @____@ only a few more pages and i can finally change the background!

herrmmmm i wonder what's up with Uruha..??
<33 another page, next one will be up soon!

xD haha
yes yay, i'm happy to be updating again 83 and i should hope so!
D8 sorry this took so long...i just need to tone the next page and it'll be up for ya!

and a Merry Early Christmas~ <33

@Yukitto- <33 i'm glad you like it! u~u hopefully i'll update more...

BD so it seems~

@katiejuby- xD good!

i have no clue why it took me so long to finish sorry "orz
i have a goal to finish this comic by the end of this comming summer so hopefully updates will be quicker.

i'm sorry! xD;; that happens to me a lot too
so true!
LOL Adri's striped socks
D"8 the end.

i really hope it's clear that Adri's the one talking, and if it wasn't clear, i'm telling you now lol

this is officially this first comic i have ever finished from beginning to end!
i really want to thank you guys for all the lovely comments and support and i really hope you guys enjoyed it! TTwTT
and if you are or plan on reading my other comics or ones comming in the future i hope you enjoy those as well! <3 <3

xD haha gore is grand 8" D

D'8 sadly yes

TT.TT i probably won't...but yes. these two will be together forever~

D'8> yes, tis a short comic

8"3 i'm really glad you liked it!
:"D the next page will be the last!

@Deya (Guest)-
<3 of course and thanks!

yes yes uwu but it will give me time for more comics! 8'D thank you!
<3 thanks again for the comments, yeah?
next page up soon!

D8 sorry for the crap page!

this comic is NEARLY OVER 8D

xD hoho

@Deya (Guest)-
Dx ack i'm sorry! he means 'are you sure i'll get to the point where we can do it'
<3 thanks for the comments and faves guys i really appreciate it~!
next page will be up soon i hope!

;w; thank you!

xD aw that'd be sad!
D"8 aw. this looks sad.
@____@ last backflash page i think!
next page comming soon!

haha ya think so?

thank you~!
;w; first off, THANKS FOR THE 100+ FAVES!! <3 i'll draw you guys a little something soon, but first, i must finish this comic ><

thanks so much! n,n
haha yes! o.o think so?

so true!! ><
that's why the saying 'practice makes perfect' isn't true, improvement is forever oAo
<3 i'm glad!

.u. thanks!
>~>; hoho so true...
<3 next page comming soon!

oh good good! n.n
haha xD i would wish you luck!
you'll see soon i hope Dx

thank you! :3
Dx practice makes better! i still need tons as you can see haha

xD hahaha thank you

also TT.TT sorry if i havn't replied to your comment, it's either because it was small and/or because i assume that you don't care if i don't comment back or i'm assuming you don't even read this comic anymore...
-shields face-
ILU Jack~ <3
haha poor Reilly
<3 such a sweet story
e______e teim for sleep...

i swear sometimes it's hard for me to believe that Cian's seme...

thank you and i didn't i hope! D'x
new page commin soon!
>_______< i'm stupid so i kept forgetting to say it!


I'll be updating again soon, but i need to finish my other comic before summer ends! watch out because in about 10 pages this turns into a mature content comic ;)
see you soon!!

oh should'nt let Kamijo hicky your tum~