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@nuit hat: Been having a rough time with meds lately so I don't have a lot of energy in my thoughts. All I wanna say is think about it. I dropped out. Feel like it ruined my life. Don't give up, unless its not actually giving up and its just moving to something better.
I live in like the whitest state on the west coast. My few trips to states on the east coast were a bit of an eye opener.

Culture shock and shit.
Everyone always tells me its like a pressure release valve. I think they are fucking stupid.
@balloonless: My dreams were not too bad actually. Ive had different medicines before that gave me bad nightmares. These seemed very mild and interesting at times. Well you can always try going off of it but watch how you feel afterwards. There is nothing wrong with going back on it.

I was on it only 3 months. Ive been in a bad way so they are trying to move quickly to find something that actually works.
@balloonless: Ive heard most people have really good results from that. I only got very vivid dreams every night when I was on it.
@balloonless: It's totally okay! Just was wondering whats the name of the medication? If you're still on it.
Can't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.
I <3 Steven Universe. And yeah I have to limit myself or else I get the spoilers as well.
@balloonless: Glad to hear it, that can soften things a bit.

I seem to be out luck when it comes to holidays. Spent it alone with a bottle of wine.
I can understand. I hope you were at least with some people you care about?
That is entirely not right. I'm sure you will find a place that fits you. Ive been in a few places that seem like that exact type of place, very macho, and I didn't feel very comfortable.

I go to a tattoo/piercing studio that is female owned. I was thrilled when a friend mentioned it to me. They are super concerned about keeping the business sterile, but trendy as well, even in the waiting area which is very reassuring. It feels like a very welcome place for everyone.
They are never lousy, and I love this picture.
Looking good!
hehe I always thought a little attention can be nice at a social event. Even if they are drunk. I'm glad you had some fun.

Matthew Shepard was the most visible tragedy that happened when I was in High School. I just remembered thinking. Why would people do these things to another human being? Its a small part of why it took me so long to come out as Bisexual. And that the bullying and the violence still continues, horrifies me. Ive read about these different people and I know Trans people have been especially hit hard in this last year, with murders and suicides.
<3 vers boys