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Noah's dad looks different I swore you showed us him before
@Anon: you dont fuck with a black girls hair. Dont matter if they are the human manifestation of a cinnamon roll she will cut you in a second if you fuck up her hair. Especially natural hair like Tonya's
I think there's text missing
October 31st, 2018
Even though orca is still a major cunt. I still couldn't help feel bad seeing him in the third panel. That's genuine fear in his eyes, all that shit he went through years ago is now happening again but this time he's unsure the turn of events (my way of seeing the situation). Can't wait for the next page.
Im super late to reply but i love the whole down town family! Its not as popular in America but i found them on youtube. First with their punishment games and it was love at first site. Theybare truely funny
Is that gaki no tsukai
Get fucked!
I'm finally caught up :v. And don't worry you can make it up on 840 >u>
I've been noticing a few typos. You are German right? Well you hand put "dye" when I'm sure you ment "die". "Dye" is to color your hair. "Die" is death
Never leave your porn on man!
-insert picture of snoopdog holdong a little sign reading ' that's the cutest thing I've ever seen-
Holy shit my new otp
The Orange hair girl is great
Y'all are just mean
I change my mind
I foolishly wanted to fuck the ringmaster........ not anymore
I love the new cover
Now kiss
I swear I will pay you for a commission for captain banging my oc