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I love reading, drawing, and playing Pokemon. I also really like to doodle and watch lets plays on YouTube. I am generally a pretty social person . I like to think that I am good at being creative when I write/doodle.
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    Starry Sky
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I personally like the forest and light dragons a lot.
Oh my that does not look good. That does not look good at all. If it helps as a suggestion, when I don't want to share my being unhappy, I just write it down in a little book and I feel better. Or just read feels and shipping. Hope you feel better!
aww. hope you feel better!
Still looks pretty good to me!
@andreya225: lol. I can't stop laughing either.
@Baronvoncreep: just like in the pokemon adventures manga
It's Isabella! *cough cough livestream refs*
might be overused, but pwned
drama bomb. I'm just happy that aurora still lives.
dang this is pretty cool! (I don't use tumblr much also) I like how the cursor is the sparkles(again, I'm a tumblr noob, idk if that's the norm or something).
@Falconer: congratulatiooooons! (\(^=^)/)
Ruby I swear if you kill any pokemon I will lose it
@Critic: RIP Rorschach(is that right??), Radon, and Torkoal. You will live on forever in the hearts of the fans.
@Critic: I KNOW RIGHT *sobs*