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No info for you. >8C
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K, so I really dig your comic, and I was definitely going to post a comment about how enjoyable your art style is and whatnot after rereading it, but then I noticed- That black chick in the corner... her hand... HER HAAAAND! Guh, sorry, it's bugging me forever now. :<
But yeah, nice comic and junk.
pandering to the target audience maybe?
90% of people who watch those movies probably don't care about anything but the sex scenes anyway.:I
Does anyone else remember those minigames in pokemon stadium, such as the slowpoke sushi one, or the clefairy dancing(?) one? Yeah, I've got that "'fairy, 'fairy 'fairy, !" Song thing from the clefairy minigame stuck in my head now.
It's OK
This is a cute and funny little 4koma, but people saying this is "omg so amazing/awesome/whatever" are just asskissing to overcompensate for someone's opinion they disagree with.
Haha, I've had my phone ring in class so many times, but I tend to get really lucky with it. Like the time it rang in computer class, but I had a music ringtone (I Ran, flock of seagulls) and the teacher thought that someone was playing music sans headphones. (which was ok if you had headphones and did your work while listening to whatever)

....or the few times towards the end of last year, when I had my ringtone set to random godzilla monster roars (an app on my phone) and if my phone rang, people were too busy freaking out to locate the source of the sound.


Fun Fact!
Actually, in the original manga (the start of the whole pokemon empire) pokemon did get killed. The whole process was quite bloody, but was edited to be more "age-appropriate" according to american standards when it first aired as an american cartoon.
<<and so atticus beat feraligatr with the power of smoking>>

Woah woah wait. I want you to go outside (assuming shit ain't frozen) and spray the ground with your garden hose pressurized, and tell me there wouldn't be one metric shit-ton of mud everywhere.
December 19th, 2010
I'm wondering if samantha was made to come off as more "desu/kawaii/anime" on purpose. Like, to portray her as more bubbly/airheaded/preppy or something? Anyway, other than her, I love your style and characters. They're realistic.
December 18th, 2010


Uhh uh uh...

Wow. Ok.


What a wonderful pair of conversationalists.
December 12th, 2010
Uh well... uh.
For some reason this reminds me quite a bit of scott pilgrim's line "I'm in lesbian(s) with you!"
This page I was sitting there like "what is perspective?!" Haha...
Aw, I think jade and trish make a cute couple! D:>
Lucien's cute and all, but I'm not into the whole emo thing.
(Really dislikes emo kids)
Besides, it wouldn't be as awesome of a story if it were just "boy meets boy in highschool" or "two guy friends become boyfriends".
Also, I really like jade! He makes me happy. c:

By the way, trish looks really cute on this page!
I know I already said I was glad to have you back, but I just have to restate it. Lancha-doll, you're the greatest! I'm so glad you're back to updating, and I hope this trend continues~ :)

Looking forward to chapter four - I love the cover! C:
I'm so glad! I've held on to hope for this comic for so long, and I'm glad I did!
Welcome back, hun - your fans missed you. :)
Looks good, except for the facial expression. :^
I love your style, and I'm so glad you actually pay attention to stylization. Not enough people even understand what 'style' is. Half the time, if someone sees a drawing that is cartoonish or stylized at all, they're all like "Oh it's that A-NEE-MAY that kids are so into these days, durp hurp" which makes me rage, at which point I have to explain exactly what style is, etc etc.
Do you ever have that problem?

Also, I got my hair cut~ I'll take a picture and upload it and give you a link in a bit. :^
man, I have like 20 of those cute porcelain dolls. I used to have them all positioned around my room, with them turned so they would face roughly towards my bed in the center of the room.

no friends ever spent the night more than once.
Your entire comic is so amazing, man.
Like the art, the basis, the atmosphere, everything.

Also, I thought you would like to know you inspired my next hairstyle. :)
Alicka's hairstyle is pretty much the coolest shit I've ever seen. I'm not going to get it exactly the same, but my next haircut is DEFINITELY gonna be based on that.