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Hmmmmm. Lem seems so cute and cuddly on the surface, but maybe his mind is a little broken. He dismisses Rick, and then blames Dusk for Harmony turning on him.
ooooo, Blizz trying to remember stuff. hmmm. I wonder if the peeps in his head are acting clueless in order to protecc. Also wow, it's so cool seeing these characters being serious lately. Really trying to figure stuff out and reflect on a bigger picture. Chillsssss
woo! this chapter is amazing! seeing dusk all serious gives me chills. also, i swear he looks taller than in just a few pages ago. i thought it was just a mistake in the last page but it's clearly consistent. is he growing?~
that first panel. dusk is the cutest~
tina's skillz are unmatched!
ah damn. there's quite a few pokemon a rock like that could represent. i'm guessing a spiritomb or sableye mostly.
i wonder if the head guy is someone from the blossom field. :O
Dawn! how dare you interrupt such an adorable happy face like that. what if he simply forgot he was holding it? :c
Ultimate bae off! SSEC's Vaybae vs RES' Flarebae! Who could possibly win such a battle? Find out, whenever!
can't wait till they get rekt :3
what's the perfect thing to do in paradise? smash of course! :D
Dusk has his reasons, really good ones too, but yeah, not having internet suuuuuucks. So despite his good reasons, giving them the computer is the proper thing to do.
awe. leon looking precious and caring as ever... and wet.
you can see the anger in leon's eyes that verizion isn't a male, meaning no yaoi. Also cuz he's got no cell service.
@OceanPeppermint: Yeah, she wants to be Dusk's mate. It's kinda the thing that made this whole comic happen. Everything sprouts off that one thing.

I know you're weirded out by the incest, but these are pokemon. Animals don't care, and more so in the pokemon world, you even NEED to inbreed to make the most perfect battle ready pokemon. So really this isn't strange at all. :P
Psh, this chapter isn't filler at all. It's a glorious bindin- I mean bonding experience between these 3. Interacting like this is great for testing a friendship's buoyancy over troubled waters. Who needs the naysayers and their heavy plot only outlook anyway? Comedy is golden!
Don't drop the chalk is 900 x 4940. One of the biggest pages. Also, I have now commented on all these secret (but not plot secret) pages of ssec. :D
@Pinkeevee222: This level of self awareness is too much. The world will implode!
Heckin mysterious coding n shiz! O.O