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Only vagus may touch that child, later on, for sweet sweet yaoi :3
Awe damn. Swellow's always been one of my favs. Pretty Pokemons QnQ
@crystalabsolkawaii: It is a character from the ssec discord's rp server. Laura, in her true demon form cuz she's the demon queen and keeps all the other demon mons in line so they don't cause trouble on the surface. She looks scary but is a good guy :3
With this special healing ability and Vagus being extra resistant, he could probably survive even a crazy mortal wound and be brought back from death. Oof though, all the blood that'll be shown when that ability is demonstrated :c
@Brixenaru: Gurllll, you make everything look so stylin!~
@SentryBeat: heh, sorry. I'm not her. I'm just a huge fan of her and edited the guest pic from her comment section. It's really impressive that you recognized that though. what gave it away that it was in relation to her style?
ooo, haychel. i saw your "vacation" art. you're so good. that hammock doggo really needed a yaoitastic hug. i wonder what a cute bre and vap pic by you would look like~
*notices the floatzel*
Hmmmmm. Lem seems so cute and cuddly on the surface, but maybe his mind is a little broken. He dismisses Rick, and then blames Dusk for Harmony turning on him.
ooooo, Blizz trying to remember stuff. hmmm. I wonder if the peeps in his head are acting clueless in order to protecc. Also wow, it's so cool seeing these characters being serious lately. Really trying to figure stuff out and reflect on a bigger picture. Chillsssss
woo! this chapter is amazing! seeing dusk all serious gives me chills. also, i swear he looks taller than in just a few pages ago. i thought it was just a mistake in the last page but it's clearly consistent. is he growing?~
that first panel. dusk is the cutest~
tina's skillz are unmatched!
ah damn. there's quite a few pokemon a rock like that could represent. i'm guessing a spiritomb or sableye mostly.
i wonder if the head guy is someone from the blossom field. :O
Dawn! how dare you interrupt such an adorable happy face like that. what if he simply forgot he was holding it? :c