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Dusk's poor fluffy ears got singed! :c

The rest of his body is next though. :c
@Guest64: You should make an account
@Silver the Eevee: You mean to tell me you haven't been rating SSEC this whole time?!? le super gasp!
I'm the only one that votes on the comic. Guys, don't you see the fire emojis up there next to rate it? Ya gotta click the fifth oneeeeee. Always!
I'm just gonna drop this here.
Hang ten bruvs!
@Flareon1: (fun fact, he fakes the reaction he has to grape juice to further drive home his secret. It is just normal grape juice after all. Shhhhhh~)
@Silver the Eevee: They stole Dusk's booty. :c Bad Govnas
@Guest64 : Blame the lore snobs.
Holy Ho-Ohs!
@what the muk just happened: The people that are here only for the lore are being so mean to Mari on this chapter. T.T Every page (kinda) has SOME kind of significance. You just gotta look at the bigger picture.

For example (this is probably one of the non lore significant pages and meant purely for comedy though) but I'm gonna over analyze it for you anyway.

1. As Mari said in the last page, Dawn and Blizz are finally interacting and establishing a base relationship which might come as a major importance later.

2. Dawn shows her TM again, which then also reminds you of Dusk's TM. This is a hugely significant thing if you haven't picked up on the clues yet.

3. The severity of Dawn's anger also reminds you about the huge level disadvantage some of the Eeveelutions have which could pose a peek into who could win any future conflicts should they ever come up.

4. Blizz reeling back shows he's scared for Dusk and though is really mad about the shite computer he got, still cares about Dusk's face not melting because their bond is so close. That close bond will likely save either of their butts in the future when things unravel.

5. Dusk is really outdoing himself by pretending he loves a plastic cactus. Everymon probably doesn't think he's just stupid now, but instead completely brain dead. MASSIVE plot significance there.

See? There's lore stuff. With every new page that comes out, you have to cross reference it with every single page, official comment, alt text, etc, to see the significance. So, if you're saying you're just here for the lore, yet you can't see it, you're not really here for the lore and you're just being an Arceus. TBF, some things ARE really hard to figure out though. But the MAJOR overall arch is there and fairly easily visible.
Woah. Now that's a kick ass scene. Espurr could've done this the whole time though and nobody had to die, except for the bad guys of course. The crew mates are probably furious that it took a dirty floor to save everyone else otherwise they'd have died too. Like, honestly fuck that guy for only caring about the floors, as awesome as his power is.
@EspeonLover: WELL! That was interesting. I couldn't help but think of the characters in that video as the ones in the comic and now I'm sad to pieces. Oh noes.
@thebradyiceeevee02: If he can put on a cute act and get close to Dawn, he can act all apologetically while slyly brushing his tail on her 6 times which will drop her defense down to pretty much nothing. When he does that, he can then use pursuit (which he learns at 15) Dawn will try to melt his face but her blinded rage might make her miss. (or he can levitate her) She'll need to rest a bit, so he can use pursuit again. Then, she won't expect it when she goes to blast him again but he teleports behind her (Nani!) and uses pursuit again. And that's that. (if Dusk got a critical hit at any point, she'd be done in 1 hit too)

Dusk accomplishes one of his dreams and Dawn is sleepy and salty.
@Blueeevee555: wow, did I just trip and fall into a time machine? Nostalgia. Thanks for dragging me back to one of the most plotty pages in the comic.
Espurr can't learn miracle eye. But eh, he's a badass so using psychic on a dark type can be allowed here.
I did some maths and Dusk can accomplish one of his dreams. He can legitimately beat Dawn. It does depend on luck a bit though. First, he has to use faint attack to disarmingly get close to dawn, then, without attacking her, pretend he's playing with her by hitting her with his tail 6 times except... that wasn't playing, it was tail whip! Then Dusk bites her!(or uses payback, doesn't matter). Dawn is shocked and goes to blast his face out of existence but a gleam of light throws her aim off. Dusk is holding bright powder! Dusk bites again while Dawn recharges. She goes to blast him again. Protect! Dusk bites her once more. Dawn faints, Dusk wins.
@Anonymous : I wasn't on the discord before this event happened so I'm confused on the whole situation. But if it was bad enough to involve cops, possible lawsuits and Tina reacting this way, then it must've been REALLY bad and fully warranted. Who ever this Ryan guy was, good riddance I guess. Sounds like a toxic person and there's no reason to keep toxic people around. You're just hurting yourself if you do.
@Pinkeevee222: I never read that before. Neat. Also, I finally joined the discord. It's so much more than RP. It's so neat. There's even a chat room specifically for me! :D (Subreon)