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umbreon, that is all.
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Poor Blizz. This is gonna take some time and understanding lol.
@TheKingKonquer: Right in many areas. Wrong in many areas. You should join the discord so you can theorize with the other theorists in the channel specifically made for that :3 lore is fun.
you hear that everyone? it's the sound of sweet sweet yaoi. and it is among us. soon, we shall see it once again. eeeee
@Turtwigsfire13: Yes, for a server room, where every device is pretty much an electric space heater. But a refrigerator is going to far overpower the tiny heat a laptop produces infinitely. It wouldn't even cause the fridge to kick on more often. A walk in cooler like commercial buildings have would be overkill x100. And really, this could work with a server room too with enough coolers. It would just cost an absurd amount of money to run all that equipment. The servers alone already take a huge chunk of money through operating costs.
@Nintenduck: The colder a computer is, the better it will run. And since a fridge is also a dehumidifier, there's no risk of wet air ever getting to it which also usually carries dust and junk. So really, a fridge is the best environment a computer could ever be in. Unfortunately we're not glaceons.
Bleh. Tea. Trying to put the precious smol boi to sleep or kill him? :v I'm sure he's far more interested in stories than tea. Especially since he heard his bf get mentioned. Speaking of which, I'm surprised he hasn't rushed off asap to go see him. Visiting someone under care is a very important show of love.
Remember kids. Stockholm syndrome is bad. Don't get it or you'll have a bad life.
Ah, wholesome adorable leon and your bedhead. >.<
I bet their shocked faces is cuz he's healing much faster than anyone else under their magic. Or maybe that's just their determined healing faces.
o3o Yaoi? With the thicc Lem? hhhhhh yes please *vibrates* lol
@Randompeep: because the violence that already happened was self defense against villains. This is actually bad because who knows what kind of Pokemon are ferals then? It's bad enough that any are, but what if some are that are loved? Like the Eevee line. What I'm also totally pissed about are the people in this comment section so coldly brushing this off. So heartless. :/
sigh... Mightyenas are one of my favs, and this must mean eevos are part of this thing too... uuuuuuuuuuugh. And of course people are supporting this instead of normal animals being in. Apparently you love Pokemon but then are perfectly fine with this. Riiiight. And they even do it for fun. UUUUUUUGH. ;n;
@Guardian_of_Stars: Yeah! *hug*

Btw, you're a friend now :p It feels like the world has no room for us softies so we gotta stick together.
@Guardian_of_Stars: There are only a handful sentient species irl. Everything else pretty runs on pure instinct 24/7 like a machine's programming with no individual thought. Anyways...

Screw their culture. I'll just hate them for not bringing back baskets of berries instead.
@Guardian_of_Stars: They were angry at the Magikarp so they said harsh things to it even though they knew Magikarps are pretty much all bone anyway.

I know things can't go every way I want them too. It still pisses me off when it happens though. There is such a thing as a retcon you know. Content creators make mistakes sometimes no matter how good they are. Haychel is one of my favorite artists (lots of good OwO stuff, heh) but it's kind of an important responsibility to keep a community happy. I know, it sucks to work so hard on something and then have to go back on it because of a negative reception.

Also, I didn't say I suddenly don't like this comic or that it's trash. Though that has happened at some points where I've liked something for a long time but then abandoned it because it did something bad. It's not ludicrous at all.

Here's why this page can't be taken with a grain of salt. Pokemon are sentient. They can be talked to. They can love, dream, etc. What this "feral" does is open the possibility of any number of Pokemon to be food sources or living crappy uncivilized lives. If I see that, for example, the Eeveelution line is feral, THEN, I'm going to really explode.

Obviously the whole comic isn't going to be so dark from now on though, otherwise everyone would get tired of it realllll quick. So that's kinda pointless to mention.

I still love the comic and creator. I want to see Leon and Vagus unlock the secret of the book and finally get that big bully evil ghost off their backs so they can live fluffily ever after. Yaoi! I was even gonna start donating muns once I was able to.
@ManiacalHedgehogh: Saw the newest episode and looked through the rest of their posts. A speedpaint called "bloody mess" is in there. I wouldn't be surprised if she's a gore artist with the tone of her art style and plots. This is nowhere near the best thing compared to ssec.
@Guardian_of_Stars: There it is with "childish views" again. I'm 23. I'm allowed to be soft and want something from children's entertainment to be soft as well. There are plenty of ways to make stories without some kind of trauma and other bs. Characters should be likable without something needing to bring out what's likable, otherwise they're just, not likable. Also, water Pokemon can go on land. There doesn't need to be bad, to enjoy the good things. Good things are good so how can you not enjoy them? Saying there needs to be bad stuff or else it'll be boring and pointless is completely selfish. If a perfect world has to be boring to be perfect, then so be it. Pokemon have never been eaten in the anime, and the Pokedex has been written by the 10 year olds using them.
@Sparrow726: Not kidding. This whole "not sunshine and rainbows" crap is the same old saying over and over again. Fuck the real world. It's impossible to save even if everyone magically became a softie like me. I'm done trying. When the shit from irl seeps into some of my fav things, like this comic which I've followed forever, I almost just wanna fucking kill myself and be done with it all. I'm ok with the bad guys getting rekt like on the ship. Or even that poor swellow for plot drama, even though it was pretty unnecessary at that point. But this. This is just on a whole 'nother level. If the Pokedex is followed, that means people can get away with showing an alolan vulpix being eaten by a weavile, or an umbreon holding something dead by its neck. etc etc etc. It also gives more fuel for those who ARE gore lovers and such. You know there are whole sites and sections of sites dedicated to gore and such, including sub sets of Pokemon gore. You can't even imagine how sick some people are. Total monsters that supposedly love what's being tortured for their amusement. I'm fucking surrounded by it. Another web comic on this site has a big community on discord, that community has a second server dedicated to an eevo only rp server, meaning, all the innocent mons that get killed for an rp plot are eevos, the villains who either do or don't die are eevos, etc. They're all great friends so I stayed there over a year to support them and their story telling but I just left it today. I can't take anymore unnecessary blood lust and death. Like, look at the Bouffalent, why is there blood alllllll over it? What'd they do? Beat it up and down the forest until it died from internal hemoraging instead of a simple poke with a pointed weapon? It also makes it double bad when I see the other work artists like haychel do that's so cute and awesome and such, but then later find out they also do stuff like this. It's honestly heartbreaking that all my favorite artists aren't just pure so even while browsing through their personal library, I have to tread lightly. It sucks!