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umbreon, that is all.
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@Scruffyvee: Hmm >3> me thinks Tina herself is being the edgy one lately lol. Must be cuz spooktober. But I see it as the most fun holiday cuz u get to dress up and eat candy without peeps judging u. It could also be a combo of school stressies, so she's like, out for blood ono. Hopefully nu gud peep's blood tho unu;;
AHHHHHHHHH Miaaaaaaaaaa QwQ I did not expect this wholesomeness as the next page. It's so cwooooooooooot.

Good job! :D

Definitely do more guest comics in the future pls. I think everyone could appreciate that lol
Combine Dusk's fav food and the Snickers he needs so badly and you get a Choco taco. They're a type of ice cream thing in individual packages. Usually found in the floor coolers at gas stations.
so this theory is out of nowhere. but what if this whole scene is just an illusion and the dusknoir gang actually have these peeps knocked out for later use. such as a bargaining chip to exchange them for leon and vagus' cooperation. or maybe they're trying to make a happy peaceful simulation so that they live their lives normally and nonchalantly reveal some kind of secret that the bad guys are watching/created the simulation for. but kareena being magic and such is having visions of the real world leaking into the illusion. so that puts the bad guys on a time crunch to find out whatever they're looking for, probably info on the mom's journal, before kareena finds out it's an illusion and breaks everyone out. ironically, the undoing of the illusion is mostly brought on by themselves because they see they have limited time and try to "coerce" the topic forward in an unnatural way of how conversation between the peeps in the illusion would normally talk, making kareena aware of it even faster. in fact, i feel like this "coercing" is already in effect. through the form of this fake gardevoir. this is the illusion maker's "avatar" in the simulation which in this page likely jumped in to distract them from that leaking vision of reality. in the next couple pages, she'll probably be slowly gaining trust and trying to throw little hints toward getting info about the journal, but the topic change keeps failing and eventually the gardevoir becomes more straight forward in trying to get info until kareena is finally like, ok, wtf is going on and who are you and why do you care about that journal so much. and then the bad guys are frustrated and tired of waiting around and finally decide to end the illusion and try to get info the old fashioned way ono but then leon and vagus bust in and save the day :3 and once the bad guys are defeated and everyone can relax, the story ends with leon and vagus sitting on a cliff holding hands while looking at the rising moon over the ocean while sharing some cheesy adorable lines about how they were only so strong because they had the other and they couldn't have done it without them, and then the last page is just one huge panel with the camera facing their backs and the moon, which is between their faces and dramatically highlighting their outlines in a glowing white light as they share a super passionate and long overdue romantic kiss.
@ARman444: and i see an arman owo
Night you gotta stop drinking or Dusk won't wuv you like you deserve and need QnQ the ship must happennnnn
@Neolancer: best beans o3o
I love the calming touch. It's a nice, touch. :p These guys are so good together. >w<
oh, the mandabuzz got rekt. gud. mm, i do like mightyenas though. and they are canines like eevees which means if there are feral vees later on, i'd have to support them getting rekt if they're being icky too... i hope no feral eevos are ever shown ;-;
@PikaZard X: dusk isn't actually stupid though
*blows the mandabuzz's head apart with a shotgun* there's blood for you. enjoy that. disgusting vermin.


You gave that Alakazam a really soft face. When most are rough and angular. Makes him look super unique. Good skillz
this. is precious. blizz has bad posture in that chair tho. he's gonna ruin his back in later years. oof.
awe this was sweet >w<
Poor Blizz. This is gonna take some time and understanding lol.
@TheKingKonquer: Right in many areas. Wrong in many areas. You should join the discord so you can theorize with the other theorists in the channel specifically made for that :3 lore is fun.
you hear that everyone? it's the sound of sweet sweet yaoi. and it is among us. soon, we shall see it once again. eeeee
@Turtwigsfire13: Yes, for a server room, where every device is pretty much an electric space heater. But a refrigerator is going to far overpower the tiny heat a laptop produces infinitely. It wouldn't even cause the fridge to kick on more often. A walk in cooler like commercial buildings have would be overkill x100. And really, this could work with a server room too with enough coolers. It would just cost an absurd amount of money to run all that equipment. The servers alone already take a huge chunk of money through operating costs.
@Nintenduck: The colder a computer is, the better it will run. And since a fridge is also a dehumidifier, there's no risk of wet air ever getting to it which also usually carries dust and junk. So really, a fridge is the best environment a computer could ever be in. Unfortunately we're not glaceons.