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Hi everyone!
Sara is my name and illustration is my game :D I love to draw comics. I'm hoping to make a career out of it. I also love anything to do with games, movies and animals.
Feel free to visit me at:
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    Sara Knaepen
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@Swanfire888 : I can. You can commission me at my DA page or send an e-mail to Just be aware I don't draw for free. Thanks!
@GaoGaenGX: Thank you! I kinda miss this comic now. I hope I can figure something out to have it continue alongside my job. But I must stabilise my livelihood first. You know how it goes.
@Guest: Actually, I decided you guys were important enough to notify. In case you follow me for my art and not just for Pokémon fanfiction. I was lucky to get this job in only 2 years time.
@BeretCat: Thanks! I never imagined this was possible, living in Europe and getting into American comics. I was fortunate to find Top Cow's talent hunt.
@TheJGamer: Thanks :) Should be out early 2018, maybe. There's no official date yet.
Very sorry T_T I hope you can enjoy my other works as well. I'll have to figure things out as they go.
@CookieEEVEE: Thanks :) Decades of practice will do that. Maybe keep an eye out for Top Cow Comics. I'll be doing published work for them in the near future.
@CookieEEVEE: Thanks for reading :) Sadly, not that often. I know it's a pain to wait, but I'm also trying to get my career going. It's a tough spot in my life right now. But don't worry. If I ever cancel this comic, which I don't want to, I'll let everyone know. For now, I want to see it finished. Just a bit slow.
Sorry again for the delay. I'm just a human trying to deal with the disparity that is life T_T Sorry if I don't feel like chatting. I do read your comments and requests for the comic. Thank you very much. Enjoy the page.

This is a free webcomic. PLEASE DON'T STEAL OR SELL! Don't post anywhere else without my permission. Linking is allowed.
Fuko belongs to me.
@JinxazuMarai: If I had to make a living off this comic, I'd have to get at least 150-200 euros per page, but you would get a page every 2 days. With Top Cow coming up, I'll have to draw their stuff and keep up with their deadlines though. Maybe Patreon would be more viable? Maybe donation per upload since the schedule will be irregular.
@Lucazu: Thank you so much <3
@Mysticaly: Thanks :D I'll be drawing in the same style for Top Cow. They mostly have sci-fi stories mixed with some supernatural stuff.
Rescue mission engaged!
So sorry for the long wait. The talent hunt was very big important step for me and forced me to deal with too many insecurities and self-doubt I didn't think I had. It was very draining. I think it caused a little burn-out. But I'm fully recovered and ready to go.
Good news is I won first place in the talent hunt I'll be getting a year's work at This means Pokémon won't always continue at a regular pace. This is just a free time practice comic after all, though I do want to see it finished.
Also, please commission me for art to keep me alive, info here:< br /> Thanks for your understanding.

This is a free webcomic. PLEASE DON'T STEAL OR SELL! Don't post anywhere else without my permission. Linking is allowed.
Fuko belongs to me.
@Patrick: That's correct. Nicely spotted.
@Rayman001: Working on the next Pokemon pages now. Sorry for the wait.
@Gooseboy : After May 15th. I have some work to finish first. Thanks for waiting. I know it's a pain.
@InnerGlow: Strange. There's nothing wrong on my end. You can also read it here if you like:
Or here:
@First: Thank you :)