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YAAAAAS FINALLY! Haha I love how aggressive she is about finally having them know her name. I'd be that way too.
Okay, him going from the far side of the page right over to his hand is hilarous. Like... dude you ARE that sleep deprived if you are stabbing yourself from out of nowhere.
I dunno why, but when I saw the panel where she opened the bugles all I saw was her opening her shirt and bugles falling out, lol. Maybe its because I accidentally read the last page updated first and then came to this later.
The siblings mirroring the masks is really clever.
Ha I like the creature's enthusiasm.
I've been wondering, are those marks around Sliver's eyes just glowing bits, or are they also little eyes. They glow like her eyes so I've been curious.
Alright, "hold on to your handlebar" had me laughing quite a bit. That's exactly the kind of humor from the show.
December 19th, 2017
@Guest: He's a tween. What do you expect?
I absolutely love the way she looks.
Okay, you got a pretty big laugh out of me with the way you drew those last two panels.
August 5th, 2017
Oh no! I hope everything gets sorted quickly with your bank!

Also, he needs to style his hair that way more often. I was just thinking "Ykki looks great with his hair back," and then saw Taavi verbalized it already!
July 28th, 2017
Hey, I have a question I've been wondering, how do you pronounce Da Xia's name? First part is pretty simple, but the second half leaves me wondering.
Hah! Mom knows what's up. I like how it didn't even occur to him to try and be polite. Guess mom is well aware of his him being an idiot over things.
I would be convinced I was tripping or insane at this point.
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I love how they both have unshaved legs. Nice detail.
I... hope that is taken as a joke because I feel like right now that isn't the best thing to say. Like, not appropriate when you are finally getting your angsty house guest to open up.
Subtly? Not his thing.
Woooooo! Glad to see you guys back!