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June 1st, 2019
Just me. We know you are telling a fib ;)
That yawn is adorable!
Oh dead. That doesn't look very... uh... comfortable.
Excuse me WHAT?! They have a guinea pig room?!?!
Oh dear. I'm sure that's expensive.
January 16th, 2019
I was not expecting the punchline. I wheeze-laughed. Love it.
This is brilliant and hilarious
Wait, fell asleep in traffic. So like... fell asleep at the wheel? Or fell asleep on a bus? Like, what the heck?
Turn it around! Use the other end!

I love seeing Hero's problem solving skills at work!
@K Ya, if you don't know stroke order, translating kanji can be a pain even if you have an app where you can draw the kanji.
Translation with alternates:

Him: Are you fine/Are you good?

Girl: It's okay/I'm okay

Girl: Here/Here you go

Him: Thank you
KNEW IT! One of the few times in a comic I actually was able to predict what was coming yaaaaay!
Oooh deary me! My theory I posted before about Hobo being Wallis and Harold's dad has another check next to it! Reminder that he has blue eyes as does Wallis.
Still think he is their dad. Guess we are going to find out soon.
September 13th, 2018
Ooooh no oh no oh no oh no
Oooooh, bye bye lady.
August 17th, 2018
Even though he is a cute kitty I kinda want Flaw to kick the crap out of him for setting her and her brother up with that horrible job.
I bet it's a normal lady bug or something, and Ben's just testing how far he can push him. If not well...
YAAAAAS FINALLY! Haha I love how aggressive she is about finally having them know her name. I'd be that way too.
Okay, him going from the far side of the page right over to his hand is hilarous. Like... dude you ARE that sleep deprived if you are stabbing yourself from out of nowhere.