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Just a guy who likes comics, and occasionally creates fan art.
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Anyone else have the feeling that this isn't over yet? I mean there's now Core in the room, with that controller nearby, and with how erisponible he is....
Still don't get why Daniel was so adamant about not telling mega that was not his older brother.
I kanda want to see MegaMan's face if he was told the truth before the actual battle. I mean Daniel is basically planing to let megaMan get almost destroyed, I mean we know he will be healed but even as a robot that has to be painful.
@Nashew: yes, but what happens to Daniel and Core who are trapped in a room alone having to wait for a mega man who have to pass through three parts of the castle again?
@BattleStarX: I know right, you do it in minecraft all the time
Um, I've read every page, I've even re read them cause I was bored, I'm just addicted to web comics, and I'm actually drawn to the longer ones, therefore, your argument is invalid.
Ven-Dee is really impressive, he managed to stay on the warp star after the crash, sure he's now probably dead, but that's besides the point.
Push the spider down the hole yelling "THIS IS SPARTA
I triple battle star x, but >use another item as a shield just in case
Unless your the creator of said world.
Actually, if it turns it sour I hope it all gets inverted, I love sour candy!
@BoltOfSpades: being a jerk and being reasonable are two different things
Im going with warp star here,
If I could laser mouth I would end my conversations with it too
I will pray for you
What programs do you use to make these comics?
Second can you dig it
On one of the two comics you really should do a Kirby vs kexas
>Fill in the key gap with the silk you got from the web