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December 26th, 2014
Physically impossible to counterfeit
There's one aspect to gold that people haven't considered yet: its density. Copper and silver can be watered down by mixing them with denser but cheaper metals. But the only elements denser than gold are also at least one of the following: extremely rare; radioactive; extremely high melting point; extremely brittle; or more valuable than gold, so mixing them in would make the alloy *more* valuable. Therefore if a sample of gold weighs the correct amount, you are absolutely certain that it is pure gold. This makes it easy to verify the purity of a sample of gold, and impossible to counterfeit a gold coin.

Elements denser than gold:
@Marvin the Paranoid Android: It's possible she was just happy for an excuse to throw a bucket of water on someone, and completely uninterested in whether it was helping or hurting him.
Heh, I just discovered this comic, and I've pretty much been waiting from the beginning for that line from Susan.