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Well that's one way to interpret a Ghost type's death in a Nuzlocke. With the involvement of an escaped criminal.
Aaaaand, yep. He's a madman.
Coffee conversation is good conversation. And oh boy, here comes the mentioning of Ruby's beserk.
I can see how the four elements are linked to the opposites, and I pretty much had the same assumption and understanding to particles and waves and energy, but then again, I don't know much physics.

But like Anny asked, what does it all have to do with her question?
Angry Ho-oh is best Ho-oh.

You pulled it off well.
Pokerus! Making EV training easier while also making Pokémon hostile! Makes me wonder... are the hostile Pokémon in Mystery Dungeon actually infected with Pokerus?

And on the topic of Mystery Dungeon, let's just hope this bite injury won't require the insertion of another piece of metal.
"So don't destroy anything while I'm busy, okay?"

Is Gold that much of a madman to the point where he's destructive?
*patiently waits to find out what it all means*
Ah, clever use of that kanji symbol! Love the new cover!
Ooh boy, what have those Unown done?

backstory time
I'm betting he got that outfit from a Halloween costume. Seems fitting, considering what month it is.
And with Death, comes.. well, death.
Yes, Silver! Throw that Crobat!
Twists, twists, twists, both clever and awesome! From the stall team gimmick to the Skill Swap Vital Spirit to the ending plot twist! Looking forward to that explanation!

Oh, and considering that evil laugh of yours, it's going to be one heck of a ride.

by... portal?

An Unown's true and hidden power still remains unknown.
"You really haven't learned, have you?"

Yes. Which is why she came back to ask you to teach/train her.

That or it's probably something to do with backstory tho it's probably the backstory part
*reads chapter*

Oh, thank Arceus, the Litwick's not dead.

*reads description*

Oh wait
Cause of Norman's death:

Ooh, female character.

I wonder who, and how she will help Anny