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Hello there. If you're reading this then I guess you found me. Hopefully though you're reading my webcomic! It pretty much says everything about me anyhow. I enjoy entertaining people more anyway.
Kilroy?! *0*
Wth? Certain death must bring out their derp faces.
Nothing says 'Danger' like a door to the face.
Oh s hit! Vampire piggies! Someone call Gaz!!!
"I can't afford dry cleaning. I just can't. "

...I am so damn sorry...
He clearly has his priorities in order.
I came to catch up on what I missed and all I found was a bunch of FEELS! ;_; Poor Moonshine. He's a gullible idiot but he did not deserve that.
@heliumsquid: Clearly. He's too innocent to expect praise!

September 26th, 2017
Vampire Devil Magic. Pfft. X)
Hey, I like it. Very spooky, especially the blood.
Heh heh. Vespyr has finger pistols~ *Ba-Dum Tish!*
This week's been nuts between traveling and the Irma (relax. I was in an area that wasn't hit too hard. Worry more for the people who were). I deserve a day off. 'Today's' comic will be posted either Monday or Tuesday.
Rude, Vespyr. Rude.
As long as it's entertaining. ;)
Maybe the glitter refracts the light or something...why the hell am I justifying this?
Welp. Now we need a drunk Vespyr story.

And it makes the vampire name theme kinda ironic. XD
*Oglethorpe voice* Death! We're surrounded by death!
0-0 Ooooh...piggy...