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Hello there. If you're reading this then I guess you found me. Hopefully though you're reading my webcomic! It pretty much says everything about me anyhow. I enjoy entertaining people more anyway.
Oh s hit! Vampire piggies! Someone call Gaz!!!
"I can't afford dry cleaning. I just can't. "

...I am so damn sorry...
He clearly has his priorities in order.
I came to catch up on what I missed and all I found was a bunch of FEELS! ;_; Poor Moonshine. He's a gullible idiot but he did not deserve that.
@heliumsquid: Clearly. He's too innocent to expect praise!

September 26th, 2017
Vampire Devil Magic. Pfft. X)
Hey, I like it. Very spooky, especially the blood.
Heh heh. Vespyr has finger pistols~ *Ba-Dum Tish!*
This week's been nuts between traveling and the Irma (relax. I was in an area that wasn't hit too hard. Worry more for the people who were). I deserve a day off. 'Today's' comic will be posted either Monday or Tuesday.
Rude, Vespyr. Rude.
As long as it's entertaining. ;)
Maybe the glitter refracts the light or something...why the hell am I justifying this?
Welp. Now we need a drunk Vespyr story.

And it makes the vampire name theme kinda ironic. XD
*Oglethorpe voice* Death! We're surrounded by death!
0-0 Ooooh...piggy...
I've seen 'Hoodwinked' enough times to know that scratchy audio leads to nothing good.
Guess this means a game of tic-tac-toe is out of the question.
I've been busy the past few days. Ok, it'd be more exact to say I've been having family fun times with my family, so there's no comic today and I summer trips coming up mean there won't be any for at least two weeks either. Sorry.

But! I couldn't leave you guys with nothing, and since the Darius brothers haven't gotten their own colored splash pages (Lamb's Easter page and the screenshot don't count) here they are. This was inspired by my own sister, myself, and a sappy tree. Have you guys ever poked tree sap before? It's not as sticky as you'd think.