Hello there. If you're reading this then I guess you found me. Hopefully though you're reading my webcomic! It pretty much says everything about me anyhow. I enjoy entertaining people more anyway.
I've seen 'Hoodwinked' enough times to know that scratchy audio leads to nothing good.
Guess this means a game of tic-tac-toe is out of the question.
I've been busy the past few days. Ok, it'd be more exact to say I've been having family fun times with my family, so there's no comic today and I summer trips coming up mean there won't be any for at least two weeks either. Sorry.

But! I couldn't leave you guys with nothing, and since the Darius brothers haven't gotten their own colored splash pages (Lamb's Easter page and the screenshot don't count) here they are. This was inspired by my own sister, myself, and a sappy tree. Have you guys ever poked tree sap before? It's not as sticky as you'd think.
Nothing like the threat of death to motivate ya to introduce yourself. (Also, if I may say so here, I'd be happy to do a guest comic if you'd like).
We saw ya screaming to, Vespyr. =_=
Drying Pens? Oh No!
I think my ink pens are on their last legs, so if there's no update next week you'll know why.
Time to cowboy up there, Lexy.
NOW is a good time to get into this shit!
Are we sure Lexi's human? 8/
Guns out; shit lost.
No, Atty! Stop! Don't be a hero! Just run! Or stagger. Whichever.
Probably never a good idea for a vampire to grab the hyped up vampire hunter any way. :/
Ok. Really long limb here but...David Bowie?
I can already see how this ends, and there are tears.
The pressure of this thing called a 'legacy.'
Quick note
I won't be able to update for pretty much the same reasons as why I couldn't post this Friday, so apologies.
Special Appearances
Also, today's page has some feature guests! My cousin's second baby was born earlier this week, and to commemorate the occasion I've added the entire family. Welcome to the world, Willow~
The 100th Comic
So, I seem to have made the unexpected. 100 comics. I mean, I knew DYLF would go well past 100 comics, but to actually get there? Geez. I didn't even really realize, so there's nothing too special. And this IS pretty accurate for how my memory works.

Hmmm...Nah. Still needs more.

First of all, I'd like to thank all...51 READERS ON SMACKJEEVES ALONE!? Ok, I swear I did not have that many the other day...but whatever. I thank each and every last one of you from those who've been around since Page 1 to whomever signed up an hour ago. For every comment, for every bit of fanart, every question about how this weird world works despite all the late updates I'm grateful. The fact that I made it this far's a testament to that and I intend to shoot for a hundred more (and will do much better in my celebrations).

Speaking of fanart, there were some Secret Santas I'd gotten last Christmas that I hadn't gotten to show off. This is as good as any. :) I do apologize that they're links and not...appropriate links. by Anonymous
I really like this one since the artist went a step further and drew a scene from the comic itself. Whoever you are, I really loved seeing this and appreciate it. by Kawaiidaigakusei (you may have to scroll a little bit).
This is just so cute. Fear is just so cute~ Pollard's probably just wondering who the hell gave him presents.