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Likes cats, baked goods and the colour blue, dislikes loud noises and mint flavoured chocolate, fears social interaction.
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someone is not getting their jacket back i guess
drawing smooches that don't just look like they're awkwardly bumping their faces together is hard. (or is awkwardly bumping faces rly just all that smooches are??)
sparkles !!

don't smoke
hey pals!! been a while huh? we finally both have laptops again, so this comic will rematerialise from the void much like dmitriy's shirt is going to in the next page.
updates will be resuming in a day or two, until then, enjoy this picture of alex!
September 16th, 2015
i promise i'll get a better site layout soon
i get to post the page today because keaton is away doing important research for this comic, hurray!

also: we're gonna be updating the prologue soon to match the art style of the rest of this comic, and also maybe to add more dicks! i hope u are looking forward to them.
September 5th, 2015
she's so beautiful!! The most relatable main character ever
@flornica: I''m glad you like the comic! pester away! we update as close to daily as we can manage, so hopefully we can keep your addiction fed.
@flornica: both!
@flornica: omg, that is a perfect analogy.
this page is so cute i want to eat it
@spitfire-productions is a horrible person in so many ways.

sexy bouncer finally has a name!
September 1st, 2015
that wall dick is the most beautiful thing you've ever drawn, possibly the most beautiful thing anyone has ever drawn.
is it tasteless to have a japanese bonsai tree in the window of a chinese restaurant?
@*milk+assassin*: woah i'm very conflicted about whether to change it or not now.
@eeh: haha i'm sorry, we were relying on google translate which is not always the best plan. )': do you know what a better term would be?
August 28th, 2015
this is so gay. how dare u put this vile filth somewhere anyone could see it. won't somebody think of the children?