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I like pokemon, and I watch a shit ton of anime!
Aaaaannd that's kinda it. bye :D
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@Guest: 1. i meant he has a completely different expression in every panel, which has a meaning in this context that i'm too lazy to explain.
2. this is a 2 year old comment, did you really have to disturb my sleep for that?
@SkyTrainter: woah sky
every time loppuny and mewtwo interact is gold
@Guest: night is dusk's clone (you would know that if you read the old ssec tumblr)

also this is like, a 2 year old comment, i cant believe i've been here for so long O_o
@Pinkeevee222: harmony pulled an april fool's joke on them
@Pinkeevee222: calling it now: pinkeevee accidentally flushed her laptop down the toilet
@Sylveon : maybe sora or sky? or maybe dawn? the plot chickens
January 3rd, 2017
@May_vee: XD
sweet revenge >:D
@AwesomeEevee360: is this lore?
also no alter text wow
@Night the fear: i think the difference is the population there doesn't include eevees (because for some reason, eevees are really stupid)
@Pinkeevee222: cant wait for tommorow
@Silversloth0506: click on "my account" and then scroll down the page until you see the option to change your avatar image
why is dusk drawing poop
December 25th, 2016
happy hanukka!
thats a great present for hanukka, thank you pinkeevee :D
@Pinkeevee222: please make a blizz meanwhile. after the last few pages i started to really like him :D
@Pinkeevee222: my BG eevee Maxie is in Ice Drop. also right now there are no RP comments so yay! :D
@Pinkeevee222: ha its a holiday for jews today, so im at home! nothing can stop me from readindg this comic! >:D
also i dont remember a character named dominic, is this his debut?
My design is luca's pick, my fav mod :D