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Eyooo! I attempt the art thing sometimes!

Feel free to PM me anytime <3
gorgeous as always! Loving it!
this is fantastic!!
well done! nice perspective!
the pages are always a wonderful surprise when they come! Awesome work as always!!
Omg XD Awkward bab.... but wow I love these two so much, the update made my day!
I am continually impressed by how you draw such on fleek hair 10000/10
Also ewwwww feelings
Luca... how did u not learn about phones?
the gentlest babies <3
Jules y so lame? XD <333
the pREttiest boys ever! <3
YESSSS now where's my platter XD
10/10 spagetti porn
January 27th, 2017
ahhh these precious boysssss!
January 18th, 2017
you are too amazing omg <3
these two are so wonderful- Louis needs Daniel so badly and the fact that Daniel is so ready to help him is just so soothing to my soul <3333
YAAAAAASSS!!!!!!!!! :D So exciting ;D
Babies <3 my heart
Arco panel 2: Bitch imma do it