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January 11th, 2018
That last panel looks sooo good!
January 6th, 2018
This is so cute! Your art is looking so pretty!! Also, i really like the pacing of this new beggining!
This page was not only super helpful (im kinda dumb and don't always follow where a story is going lol) it was also hilarious, like when herz speacks during the tournament, that cracked me up
Oh fuck, thank god that didn't happen. I really want Owen to get better, because I kinda still like him, but his actions cant be excused and Avery is right to be fucking pissed
I read this page a long time ago, but rereading made me realize that this was probably one of the things that made me start questioning wether or not i might be demisexual! So that's pretty cool imo :D
August 13th, 2017
This is so sad :(
Love your comic!
@Quadrant: I thought so too! Maybe he does mean well
September 8th, 2016
Aww seeing Michael trying to cheer up William is really cute. Actually the last couple of pages were very cute. Your comic makes me happy :)
Oh Biscuit, you always manage to make me anxious :) I mean, what's Owen's deal? Is he gonna be cool now or will this blow up on Avery's face. I just hope he doesn't sleep with Hayden again. I don't think he's good for Avery. This comic just raises so many questions, I'm dying to know how everything plays out :D
This page looks really pretty!!
I feel like maybe I'm the only one but I can't help but feel a little sympathy for Owen. Like, yeah he is a dick, but I feel like he tries to be good around Avery at least, and that everyone always either hate him or justify his actions. It's not entirely your fault that you are an asshoke if everyone constantly lets you be one. My point: I kinda like Owen and it makes me sad when he is a dick because he just proves that he us one :( Be nice Owen! Prove everyone wrong!
I just finished the story and I'm stunned. I started it because I love the mixture between sweet and dark that the style has going on. Your art is gorgeous! I'm a little horrified, but in a good way, the ending was chilling! I really enjoyed this!!
@Biscuit: looks really pretty anyway! It totally has that dreamy vibe
@amanduur: Wanted to take the opportunity to say that I LOVE your comic!! Hope you feel better soon!
Really digging the style of this interlude!
@Biscuit: I am suspicious of everything that happens in this comic. Everything that Avery does makes me really anxious...
This whole Owen thing makes me really sad. Like, get your shit together Owen!
May 29th, 2015
Looooooove the neww banner it looks reallyyy good!!!
The little kiss on Alan's arm is just hilarious!! I thought Avery would be the chosen one, you can never expect anything from this comic!