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What do I draw?: at the moment, I draw boyxgirl stories, but also boyxboy stories. So be warned.


Comic development: ( updated 29-01-2010 )

Because I am rarely updates, I've decided to delete my old webcomics. I just dont have time anymore to keep them on track. Maybe I will put them back online, I dunno for now.

Kh broken and kh destruction will remain online.

well, its time to fill this in soo...

fav games: .hack series, suikoden series and the tales of... series

fav anime: D.gray-man ( I even stay home for this one XD ), Nabari no ou, Naruto, junjou, escaflowne, Full metal alchemist.

Fav composer: Motoi sakuraba, Yasunori mitsuda

fav game ost: Tales of the abyss

fav anime ost: D. gray-man ost 2

fav game character: Jade, from tales of the abyss ( I wanna marry that guy XD )

most hatable game character: Elena from Grandia II

fav magic: Thunder


when I know more, i'll typ it down XD
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I have morrowind too, but never got that far. I find it somewhat confusing =s the gameplay that is.
A new page... I am sorry that every panel looks different ( the background ) But I am trying out new things XD its a big experiment on my part.

Thanks for the fav everyone! If you have any favorite pairings, let me know! maybe I can arrange something XD
been some time
Been ages since I updated this. I had tis page done for a long time though. Just didnt had time to upload it. Dragonage was eating my time away. What a good game ^.^
...... that's gonna leave a scar XD
Hiya, new fan here. Great story here and wonderful art. Can't wait to read more of this ^_^

yea that is Zexion XD the way he's colored was not my decision, since a friend colored this. But i did tell her not to turn him into an emo. I am against stereotype characters, so everyone in this doujin is 'different' ^-^
LOL, I seem to lose more fans by each post XD haha is it getting that bad? lol XD
@ ForestNinja1

Thank you very much ^^ will be working hard on the next one
On a roll
thats like, fast huh? The plot thickens, yay
thank god it didnt hit his pretty face 8D
a new page! it has been some time. And I greatly apologize for that. Life has been in the way XD

anyway, things are better now. I feel somewhat refreshed and have left my artblock behind. So I'll be back working on this doujinshi of kingdom hearts. Thanks to all the people who faved this and take their time to read it

love you people =D

I am glad you like it ^o^ But sadly, I dont do sprite comics.. I simply dont know how to do that XD I can only draw stuff like this, but that's all ^_^"
....of crappy page. Man XD I haven't drawn pages in like, AGES XD getting all rusty.

must draw more to become better <.<
Not stolen
This page isnt stolen. This account is a shared account, its owned by me and by someone else.

Dragonprayer is my real account.
crappy sketch, i know. But i thought I let you people know what I've been up to.

expect new pages very soon!
MWAHAHAH this is so cute XD hahah!!!! makes spandox SO OOC XD but its priceless! mwahaa XD
oh well, that gives me an excuse to hurry up with the pages XDD
finished a page, go me! * goes back to homework *

ps, I make sure to kill Kite soon, I just can't draw that guy... ( jk! ) XD
HAHAHAHAHHA it's so cute XD rofls rofls XD haha! it's ok to update these things XD * keeps rofling *
am proud of this page ^-^