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A young wanna-be-artist who is too lazy to actually draw enough to improve her skills... that hasn't stopped me from plotting dozens of stories I'd like to draw someday, though.
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He honestly seems like such a good boss. :'D Maybe not efficient-good boss, but like supportive-good and sort of kind.
Aaaahhh I can't take this anymore. :''DD These past few months I've really wanted to just binge on new pages for this comic, but I guess wishful thinking doesn't make new pages pop up sooner.

Keep up the good work! : ))
@Biscuit: That DOES make this more bearable. :) It's a good story, just not a "nice" one 100% of the time (which is a good thing).

PS. had some trouble and had to re-upload this comment
I hate liking this comic so much? :'D Feels wrong to click to next page when something this fucked up is going on. Gore I can handle, subtle pedophilia: NOPE.
December 4th, 2017
This will be brutal. :D
December 1st, 2017
@Redluffy: Explaining the joke might take some fun out of this, but the way I see it:

1) two events are going on right next to each other, one of them expecting a clown and one NOT
2) she's worried that if she messed up and accidentally showed up to a party where she WASN'T invited to she'd look like a wandering pedophile
3) it's just a coincidence (and the joke of this page) that the funeral of all places was 'the right event'. Because that's absurd. :D
Max is my favorite mystery in the whole comic. : ))
Oooh, so many new pages I hadn't noticed before. :)
Wes has a plan. I don't know what that plan is, but he seems way too determined to be just fooling around... first that whole innocent act, then daring the kiss with Kim, and now he's straight up seducing Kylee. :D Either he wants Kylee, or he just enjoys being admired, or he's trying to affect Kim somehow... or he's just an idiot. :D

I think he's playing some game or the other, but maybe he's just a catalyst for the plot, here to mix things up simply by existing.
September 22nd, 2017
Aw, reminds me of kindergarten. :) I have fond memories of practicing swearing aloud behind a shed with a friend. I have no idea why, it was probably my friend's idea, but was like a secret club where we chanted all the bad words we knew at the time.
September 22nd, 2017
I hope the logic behind this is revealed. Because I'm not seeing how Len would want to make people eat horses. Some mystery lemonade with mysterious ingredients that make the consumers more open minded or resistant to brainwashing would be easier to believe. :D
September 22nd, 2017
I really like the children's book styled artwork on this one. The story is so dark on it's own that I'm sort of glad I don't have to watch in detail how a mother drowns her children... or tries to.

Man, when I began reading this comic I never thought Izzy would have so much grim backstory to explain why she's so fucked up sometimes. I think I'm glad it wasn't told early on, and that it was only hints at first. It was better to first get to know the characters in the present. Because now, as more is revealed, it feels like finding out more about a dear friend I've had for years instead of reading about a stranger's dark past.
I'm ridiculously scared that Kimrick will suddenly be too obviously into it and freak out his employees... then again, would it be that awful? They seem to accept Kylee, after all. Even if this was the moment they started wondering if Kimrick liked guys a bit, it's not that bad, right?

Still... I'm ridiculously nervous for Kim. AND so VERY happy to see this, at the same time. :3
Drunk Wes is such a teenager. :'''D Also sexy.

...and yeah, we all know what's going to happen next. But I have a feeling Kimrick won't be comfortable with it.
Dragonthing is somehow really pretty, for a pokémon.
I love how smooth Kylee is with this situation. I'd be at least marginally hurt at his shock, even if Wes didn't mean to insult.

And Wes... how can an adult be so sheltered? :''''D

Kim, save Wes from Kylee please. The boy's trolling Wes so easily.
August 14th, 2017
Depression, maybe?
Whaaat?? Just a fine? His secret's safe? :o
Not a bad idea. :)
I doubt Kim can get all that mad since the older employee seems nice enough to have explained that they encouraged Kylee. :) The kid was talked into it!