A young wanna-be-artist who is too lazy to actually draw enough to improve her skills... that hasn't stopped me from plotting dozens of stories I'd like to draw someday, though.
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Whaaat?? Just a fine? His secret's safe? :o
Not a bad idea. :)
I doubt Kim can get all that mad since the older employee seems nice enough to have explained that they encouraged Kylee. :) The kid was talked into it!
"That's exactly what he's gonna do."

I love, love, love Noah's logic most of the time. Either he's just very sarcastic or just too honest to insult the nicely built pit, even when he wants to.
Be still, my beating heart! x__x

Also, I too think that this is such a tease. So unfair.
"Is it me? :D" Robbie looks so happy with the thought, but I bet he'd get slightly awkward if it turned out to be true. :)) (Or maybe he really is laid-back and flirty enough that he wouldn't.)
Damn, Wes has won me over.

And Kimrick is so going to walk into this scene, and he's going to be mad for "no reason". I'm calling it now.
Went to the beginning to see the whole Whale cum strip - and damn, Noah really does look like a kid in the old strips. :'D
I know Kipu is a guy beneath that mask/helmet, but somehow I still feel like I'm watching Angelo hitting on a toaster or something. .___.

Still can't believe you actually named them "Kipu & Kapina", btw. I keep forgetting their real names and substituting them with stuff like "Piina & Paniikki". :'DD
I sort of feel like he's just going to take out the picture and compare it to the portrait. The jacket-stealing would be cute, though.
I bet Darcy's sword really is a fragile prop - could be cardbox, and it would still obey her will and cut through anything.
March 8th, 2017
Mikael's expression on this page reminds me of my parents' cat - a lot. (She is very talented with shocked expressions and body language. :))
I do like how she's trying to hang out with her kid, but it seems like she's leaving in the middle of things. :( Also, I hope a kiss isn't all she can do for a kid who needs some basic first-aid...
Oh no. :S I knew the church could not be trusted in this story...

I wonder if we'll ever learn Pogo's real name in these flashbacks - it hasn't come up yet, has it?
Did the bullet just come through his flesh and skin like Alice's hand, or did she have to pull it back the way it came or something? Magic is so interesting.
Whoa! Quick to judge. :)
This became one of my favorite pages, just because of the extreme reaction + getting used to new, freaky powers thing.
This whole supernatural psychosis freaks me out. :S Hope they'll switch bracelets again, maybe that'd magically help.
So wait, is the rash on his face atm from his cat allergy instead of from him being a Carrier or anything done to him in Paradiso?

Still, it must make him look pretty suspicious right now, even if they didn't see his eyes. Unlucky as hell.