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Prefers they/them pronouns.

My home is the Void. Make yourself comfortable. Don't get lost.
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Chara dawdled to listen to Frisk, but it was cut short.

From under their feet sprang metal spikes. Chara was hurled off balance, into the water.

“Chara!?” cried Toriel, whirling toward them.

Chara sat up in the water, and staggered to their feet. It was, fortunately, a rather shallow pool.
'That grave always looked disturbed'.
Hooooooo boy I've been listening to a bunch of podcasts about urban legends and that ain't the best of signs...
Especially knowing what did end up happening to Daniel. :P
Chara followed Toriel across the bridge of steel tiles. They glanced at the still water to the side, and saw something-- where their reflection should have been an entirely different person. About their age, but with darker skin, and darker brown hair, a bandage over the bridge of their nose and their eyes shut as they smiled softly. They wore indigo and pink striped pajamas with solid pink pants, but the most noticeable thing about them were the light red wings on their back.

(Okay, thank goodness. You truly are someone else,) went Chara.

“*Most people would be concerned that they’re suddenly hearing voices and seeing things, not relieved,” the voice teased.

(Today I tripped into a hole, met mythological creatures, and was nearly killed by an eldritch flower beast Hearing and seeing strange children is the most believable thing to happen to me so far.)

“*Huh. You know, that’s true.”

(Now, who are you?)

“*My name is Frisk! It’s nice to meet you, Chara,” they said, opening on eye, the same crimson red as Chara’s.
I like their friendship a lot.

I'd be very interested in seeing a story about Hestia, if you ever plan for one. ^^
I LOVE your Artemis!
I like kids just fine, but I know if I try to take care of them 24/7, I won't be able to devote my entire attention to them and I won't be able to constantly remain calm and patient, so I'd rather leave it to people who can devote the energy kids need to them, and leave myself able to pursue what I'd like.
...Reading your interpretation of Persephone, a few things I noticed here and there make me think autism, with plants as a special interest. The being drained by loud environments, being quiet and mistaken for shy, seen as eccentric or creepy or freakish somehow, generally being disorganized and executive dysfunction causing delay in chores, being treated as a child or more delicate than you really are, and the like...
I dunno if you did it on purpose at all? Maybe I'm just seeing those things because I'm looking for them. But if you did purposefully write Persephone as autistic, I wanted to tell you that you did an extremely good job in doing so. I'm austistic and the majority of autistic people I see in the media, the type that seems most popular, is just... not like me at all. I don't expect them to be exactly like me because it's a spectrum, but they all seem to be 'insufferable genius who's brilliant at math with quirky qualities'. And then there's me, 'very fidgety, very disorganized, executive dysfunction, bad at math but great with stories, prefers writing to speaking but told I'm good with speaking, hard to read'
Some details you gave Persephone match up with my experience in a way that surprised and pleased me, and that made me happy.
Also, though I'm not really interested in sexual acts of any kind, I am finding her relationship with it and thoughts on it interesting. I don't really see romantic or sexual relationships that appear mature with autistic characters often, if ever.

Welp, if you read this far, thanks for listening to me rambling. I think since I've read this much, it's safe to say you've secured another reader. ^^
Toriel led Chara onwards out of the room, before pausing and holding out a hand to Chara. They stared at it, before shaking their head.

Toriel sighed. “If you wish. But be sure to follow my steps exactly on this puzzle. And try not to linger.”

Before them stretched a bridge of steel tiles, water flanking either side. At the very end was another door, emblazoned with that repeating rune Chara had seen in the Ruins.
I love this version of Hermes.
“Err…” Chara frowned, deep in thought, then tried something. “When I first saw you I was… scared? I did not know if you intended well or ill! I felt as though I had… jumped out of the frying pan… and into the fire?”

Toriel began chuckling lowly again.

The voice piped up. “*If you’re going to tell puns that cheesy, you way as well follow it up with saying she’s--”

(No.), Chara thought at it very sternly.

Toriel approached Chara again. “You are-- you are doing excellently, Chara, and exceeding all my expectations. However, we should really be on our way now.”
Minor note, but Ursula's eyes look brown rather than green?

It's still wonderful to see her working hard to return things to how they were before, though!
Return of the barrel. Starting to suspect Meri's the only one sneaking from it.

New character, love her design!
@undertale fan: 'eyy, no prob
@WiispNightmare: If you go by the NarraChara theory, as I do, then Chara loves puns.
Of course, mine is a bit reserved about sharing them
(‘Make them like me’?) Chara fumed. (While they’re firing bullets made of anger and fear at me? Ridiculous. What am I meant to do, give them a hug and say it’ll be alright? It will likely only startle them further. ...Well. May as well try something to get this over with, and move on.)

“You have goat to be kidding me! I can hardly come up with good material while you’re raining fire on me!”

Toriel paused, her eyes widening in surprise, and then smirked. “With a wit as sharp as that, I’m certain you can think of something.”

Chara froze.

They hadn’t meant to say that out loud. Had she actually enjoyed their pun?? Was this some sort of trick? How were they to proceed?
@jellyfishin: It's fine, understandable. ^^ Thanks for being understanding.
@jellyfishin: This will not be the last time Frisk suggests Chara flirts with an enemy.
Just a note though, Frisk and Chara both use they in this comic.