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Prefers they/them pronouns.

My home is the Void. Make yourself comfortable. Don't get lost.
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Sans, did you just flash your current and previous bosses with your ribcage.
It had been a few years since Val had left her home and again Toriel’s large paw held loosely the hand of another child. Older, taller, with brown skin and straight black hair loosely gathered into a bun near the base of her skull, polished blue nails and matching jewelry. She wore a pink longsleeved turtleneck, a loose and flowing cyan jacket, and light pink leggings, pink headphones riding on her shoulders. She pulled away, her jacket swishing with her movement as she did.

Toriel opened her mouth, though it was a few moments before she found a way to put her emotions and desires into words. She bowed her head as she spoke. “You cannot return home. Even if you do try to cross the entirety of the Underground, the Barrier will not permit you to pass.” She could not look the child, Sapphire, in the eye. “I truly do wish you could return him… but it is no longer an option.”

She was silent for a long moment, eyes shut, before she tried to smile reassuringly and reach out a hand to Sapphire.

“But I can offer you a new home, with me! Anything I can offer you to make your new life more comfortable… A-and ease your difficult transition.”


It's baaaaaaack! Thank you for your patience, it is greatly appreciated!
...Rereading this, I can't begin to guess why Deoxys took Rayquaza's fin, but I believe that it may come back... perhaps.
Taking a piece from the strongest Laconian's body... what could someone such as Fabius do with that, I wonder?
There's an adhd mood if ever I've seen one. Congratulations your protagonist is already very relatable to me.
No need to apologize for keeping us waiting, seeing a new page and that it's updating again is enough for me! :D
September 30th, 2019
Looks like child's sidewalk chalk to me, which makes it feel like it was from just before a horrible tragedy
September 30th, 2019
All that nonstop singing, that'd definitely have some, er... side-effects. But still, that doesn't look good...
I can't express how super good the first two shots are, seeing everyone on the surface in poses reminscent of their sprites(specifically the bear) just got to me? Like heck yeah, they made it, even if that wasn't the story's focus.
And Frisk carried by the bird giving a thumbs-up-- excellent, good, 10/10
I gasped when I saw the Kyogre scarf.
And I see that the markings around this Totodile's eyes are different. I like that detail a lot.
Toriel’s lips curled up, her sharp fangs glinting beneath. “You will not…? ...Very well. Then prove it.”

Val’s eyes widened in shock, horror, and confusion, pink firelight flickering off their face as twin fireballs lit in Toriel’s hands. She strode forwards, glaring sternly ahead.

“Prove to me you are strong enough to survive!”
September 25th, 2019
This new Lionel has rapidly stolen my heart and I wish for nothing more than his eternal cheesy impulsive happiness.
So, Summer seems to be French, Autumn seems to be German, and Spring seems to be Japanese. Huh.
It was after Dani left, a long time before Chara fell.

“I have seen it happen too many times now.”

But she was beginning to catch on, and so she was not surprised when she found Val by the door, trying to leave.

“They come. They leave. They never return.”

Not surprised, she couldn’t be after recognizing this pattern… but sorrowful and confused.

“They are dead. All of them.”

Why did they have to leave? Was she not enough? Did they not understand the danger that the outside would bring down upon their heads?

“You are no different!”

The child before her grinned.

The girl’s skin was a light brown, eyes reddish-brown, their very dark, curly hair tucked under an orange bandanna. They wore a loose, oversized light blue shirt t-shirst and sturdy dark blue gloves, rubber along the knuckles. Gold stud earrings gleamed amongst her curls.

Val exuded confidence as she smiled, holding up a hand.

“That’s where you’re wrong-- I won’t die! I have a secret superpower!”
September 21st, 2019
Looks like a Coffagrigus arm?
Ooooooh I love your Gaster design and these pages
It's so beautiful!
Really does seem like a utopia right now.
Can you do an update when this comic goes up and I can follow it, please? Always excited for good PMD stories!
Hello, all! I uploaded four new pages, so make sure to check them all out! Than you so much for all comments and support! Hope to see ya soon!
Chara sat sitting in the dark of their room, still glaring down at the floor. Several moments of silence from Frisk had passed. Chara had almost forgot the other child was there, until they spoke again.


Frisk glanced away, speaking slowly and deliberately.

*She does know more about the Underground than either of us, but…

They looked back up at Chara with their bright red eyed through their bangs.

*But… no. No, she doesn’t know about you. And… she knows nothing about me, not even my name.

They smiled, and though unseen and unfelt, held out a hand to Chara.

*...Hey. Okay, so you… don’t like handouts? I… guess I understand that? But maybe you could use… someone watching your back! Keeping an eye out for you! Not like a guardian, but like a… partner?

“A partner?” Chara moved backwards, leaning on their hands and gazing up at the ceiling covered in glow-in-the-dark stars, a slight smile on their lips. “Hm. It would indeed be quite useful.”


“Indeed… partner.”
Dani flailed in Toriel’s iron grip, her feet far from the floor.

“I’m not plain’, I’m gonna go kill the demons!”

Toriel glared, something plaintive and desperate behind her eyes, then turned and swept back up the stairs. Sensing the change in Toriel’s mood, Dani stared up at her with her big green eyes.

“Absolutely not. Dear child, they will sooner kill you.” At the top of the stairs, Toriel carefully placed the girl back on the ground.

Dani stared guiltily down to her shoes a few moments, then grinned back up at the monster. “I… You don’t have ta worry about me, Miss! I’ve got my Narf Blaster! So I can protect myself from scary monsters and demons, see?”