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I am a rather odd, and somewhat spooky, person who has an obsession with X-Files and Pokemon. And, more recently, Undertale.
*somersaults into the Void, whistling*
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This is very interesting so far...
I would be mildly disturbed by any dream involving me having a significant other, seeing as I don't particularly want one. But yeah, them devouring my insides would make it infinitely worse.
Never got a chance to play this game, but looks interesting, and I like your art style~ Sometimes it's a little difficult to tell what order the panels go in though.
For a second I though Cirrus' eyebrows were a second set of eyes.
I've been absorbing too much Lovecraftian stuff.
November 12th, 2017
Lajos you idiot. I thought MAYBE you had a learning experience. But no, you have learned NOTHING.
Now I notice the heels.
Oh, god, how DOES Fresh get there!?
Are the boots heels
Will Papyrus be even taller now
Ah, yes.
My favorite part thus far.
Frisk is so cute in the last panel! ^^
...That's okay. Sleep is for the weak.
I love the contrast between light and shadow in the last panel, it's so beautiful!!
Carew you SEE how buff Hyde is, do you REALLY want to fight him!?!?
Have people mysterious vanished after saying they'll visit Catalaina's shop before?
Oh god, someone save Flowey XD
Papyrus is too pure for this world.
And also too pure for the science oven.
Let's re-murder Gaster.
After getting impatient and reading the rest last night, I am not legitimately anxious about visually seeing what come next.
But also sort of excited.
...Actually how I feel is complicated and I don't know the words to describe.
That was... something, I suppose.

I thought some parts made sense or were going to make sense but others didn't.
Goddamn. Is there any way to stop this guy!?
Sans just looks so damn satisfied in the last panel XD