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My home is the Void. Make yourself comfortable. Don't get lost.
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What are the first two apocalypse signs tho--
February 17th, 2019
Chara slowly raised their knife, but before they could act another voice shared their thoughts.

“*I think she’s telling the truth,” the voice chimed in. “Why would she save you from the beast if she wanted you hurt?” Chara could feel the the voice smiling encouragingly at them. “*She seems nice. I trust her.”

Chara’s gaze drifted to the ground, they could sense the voice becoming… disappointed in them, even if they were silent.

(...She could have many reasons,) Chara thought. (And ‘nice’ is different than ‘good’.)

Regardless, they made up their mind, reaching out to the flame.

As Chara poked the fire, strangely it did not burn them. It dispersed into sparks of light, absorbed all along their arms and legs. Chara felt a sensation, almost a lighter and softer pins and needles sensation. And… and bubbles of something rising through their chest, warming them. Intrusive, not theirs, but benevolent.

Chara clutched their head, trying t sort out their emotions and thoughts once more. (Wat was-- what was that? What was in that? I feel… weird. Light-headed…? Giddy. But also… my arms… don’t hurt anymore?)
February 12th, 2019
The monster woman merely leaned against the door for a moment, her eyes shut. And then looked to Chara again. Chara started slightly-- her eyes were a deep red-violet now with circular pupils now-- not the frankly terrifying solid pink with uncanny horizontal pupils, how they had seemed before. Chara wondered if they had simply imagined that under the stress.

The woman smiled warmly at Chara. “I must say, my child, I did not expect you to solve the puzzle without my assistance! I am impressed with your work. Excellent job!”

Chara quickly covered their face with a hand, as they felt their already rosy cheeks reddening. They could just feel that other sarcastic voice smirking at them.

The woman raised a paw, clenching a violet ball of flame within it. “Are you injured?” she asked. “Come here.”

Chara hesitated, staring suspiciously as she held out the fire towards them. Chara wasn’t a fool, they remembered her throwing fireballs at that plantlike monstrosity mere moments ago. What game was she playing?

“There is no reason for you to fear now. This is healing magic,” she explained in a soothing tone of voice. “It will not cure a physical injury, but will stop bleeding and relieve the pain.”

Chara shifted their stance uneasily.
February 4th, 2019
She hurried through the rooms, into the corridor Chara had entered, before whirling about again and shutting the door with an echoing DMM!! sound.
"Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you."
January 26th, 2019
Chara moved swiftly, pressing down on each switch to the side of the groove in the floor, each sliding into the ground with a click!, and then heading back to the door to pound on it.

“It’s still locked!” they groaned.

“*What’s this switch for?” The voice asked, gesturing invisibly at it.

Chara looked for said switch, then knelt down to flick it. They may as well try everything while in here.

And with the switch’s flip was other click from somewhere. They moved toward the door, and at last it could be shoved open with an uneasy creeeeeeaking sound.
January 25th, 2019
The goatlike monster raised her hand, violet flames swirling about her, scorching the vines to cinders and forcing the monstrous thorned arms to retreat in face of the terrible heat. The monster quickly gathered up her skirts, and fled the raging inferno.
January 14th, 2019
Image Description: Chara turned back towards the locked door. “So, what was your plan to open this door?” they asked the voice.

“*This plaque here says ‘Only the fearless may proceed. Brave ones, foolish ones, both walk not the middle road,” they read aloud. The other paused, contemplating the riddle. “*These aren’t very good instructions.”

“It should be open then, as I’m not afraid,” Chara said.

“*Ah, yes, screaming and flailing a knife around. The ultimate show of bravery,” the voice deadpanned. “*Since your foolishness hasn’t unlocked the door, please put that knife away before it gets you killed.”

“No, I may need it to protect myself.”

“*Against a plant the size of a building and a pyrokinetic goat?”

“Besides, I do not truly believe it is that…” Chara trailed off as they looked over the room again. “...Literal…”

To the righthand side of the room was a series of switches set into the floor-- two set upon a groove in the floor(a path?), and two off to either side of said path.

Perhaps it was even more literal than they had anticipated.
It's its own fault it couldn't survive?
So the egg decided to? What? Walk out of the desert one fine day?
For a second I thought Grey figured out freaking Roar of Time.
December 31st, 2018
@WiispNightmare: Chara can only die once.
As far as they know.
December 31st, 2018
@WiispNightmare: Might not, if one or more of those in the next room want to kill Chara :P
December 30th, 2018
“You are haunting me!?” Chara asked, eyes widening in surprise and horror. “Why? Are you some sort of… vengeful ghost? A demon?”

“*What? Nonono--” the other child held up their hands. “*I’d never do any of that, I just… I just don’t want you to die.”

Chara stopped, finally seeming to listen.

The other took the opportunity to continue speaking. “*You’re very obviously in danger now, and I don’t like seeing people hurt, or arguing… and there’s this plaque here. I thought maybe it has instructions to open the door? It couldn’t hurt to try.”

“If this does not kill me, the two monsters in the other room likely would,” Chara said carefully. “It would not hurt any more to try.”
December 28th, 2018
“*I’m right here… Can’t you see me?” the ghostly child asked, slowly approaching Chara, who did not seem to see them. The child’s brows furrowed in worry and concern.

“No, I can’t see anyone!” Chara yelled. “Are you a monster? Is this magic? Telepathy? Are you supposed to be my conscience?”

“*No, I’m human like you, I--... I…”



*I think I died.
December 24th, 2018
The room was still covered by violet bricks. Before Chara was a large door emblazoned with a sigil-- a circle flanked by three-segmented wings, above four triangles. They recalled that they had seen this design on the goat monster’s dress, as well. To the right was a switch, and a groove along the floor with several raised tiles in and around it. To the left was a metal plaque adhered to the wall. Unseen to Chara, the other child went ahead to examine the plaque.

Chara shoved their shoulder against the door, and it refused to open. “Ghh… Nnnn…” they muttered as they pondered an opening mechanism. But their musings were disrupted by an unexpected voice.


The other looked over in alarm at Chara’s scream, in time to see Chara brandishing their knife at nothing.

“Wh-- where-- what are you?” Chara demanded. “Show yourself!”
December 21st, 2018
Footsteps echoed throughout the Ruins as Chara raced away, into a purple-bricked room and up the stairs. From above they heard the faint humming of old electrical lights, wires frayed and exposed, and crimson leaves were scattered all across the floor, but they did not slow down, only skidded to a halt when they reached a corner, and continued to dash through the door.
December 17th, 2018
As Chara stared back at the monster lady, an unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded in their ear-- that of a child, perhaps, around their age. “*What are you doing?” the voice asked. “*It’s not safe to stop here, let’s go!”

Chara blinked, glancing about the room. The only others visible were the monster and the vines. They could see no one.

“Who said… That didn’t sound like… her voice?” they muttered.

But, unseen to them, there was a presence accompanying them. A child about their age, with darker skin, darker brown hair, and red eyes like Chara’s. They were clad in indigo and pink pajamas, light red narrow wings folded upon their back, and a bandage plastered to the bridge of their nose.

The other fixed Chara with a stern look, which also went unseen. “*Because it wasn’t, now move!” they commanded.

Clutching their knife, Chara darted to the next room as the monster released her blazes and the other watched on, unseen.
December 7th, 2018
Chara watched as the monster lady lit a second fireball in her hand, moving even closer to the monstrous arms.

Their eyes widened and brow furrowed as they tried to put to words a theory in their mind. (She’s a boss monster…?)
December 2nd, 2018
The monster placed a hand on Chara’s shoulder, and the grip on their knife tightened involuntarily as Chara felt the monster’s pointed claws poke at their shoulder.

“Child, I need you to listen to me,” the monster said in a low voice. The monster extended her right hand and summoned a burst of pink and violet flames.

“The Underground is a very dangerous place,” she said. Her burning eyes were locked on the abominable arms now, approaching them even as she slowly pushed Chara behind her. “But provided you stay close and do exactly as I say, I will not allow anything to harm you.”

It was too fast. Things were happening too fast, Chara could barely register the things this monster told them, their feet locked in place as they tried to process what was happening.

“Do you understand?” The monster asked. She let go of Chara’s shoulder, instead blocking Chara off from the abomination with her now-free arm. “Past the room behind us, there is another room up a flight of stairs. Reach it, and wait for me,” she commanded.
November 30th, 2018
Image Description: Finally, finally the vines loosen as they erupt in violet fire, a dull pain tingling where they once were. Chara grabs their knife more securely, and scrambles backwards away from the massive arms. The monster lady rushes towards them, and her bow vanishes in wisps of flame as she helps them to their feet. When they stand Chara turns to get a better look at her.

Acting as a clasp to her cloak is a golden emblem, a circle flanked on either side by three-segmented wings. Around her throat is a white locket, shaped like an upside-down heart. However, the thing Chara can’t help but focus on are the massive fangs protruding from her upper lip.