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Prefers they/them pronouns.

My home is the Void. Make yourself comfortable. Don't get lost.
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    Eldritch Unicorn
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Image Description: Doge from the Eldritchfell AU. An anthropomorphic black and white dog a droopy snout and ears like a basset hound. Her eyes are closed, face in profile. She wears bronze armor with a Delta Rune symbol on the chestplate, white tunic tied with a red sash, and a black bodysuit underneath. She wears bandages on her paws, and wields a glaive.

Species: Monster, Canine
Soul: Orange/Bravery
Weapons: Glaive, Bullets(Blade), Orange magic
Age: Approaching 60.
Pronouns: She/her
@Okaun: They may I direct you to Wraithvine's Underheaven AU, as these characters are mere cameos and we likely won't see them again.
Their AU is found here:

That being said... no spectral skeletons here, but we may see a few similar entities...
Image Description: Alvar from the Eldritchfell AU. A tall skeleton in a black shirt and jeans, shirt cut to show his spine. He has red and gold armor on his chest, shoulders, arms, and boots-- 'Cool Dude' is written across his chestplate. He wears a red scarf, and a more red-violet cape. His hands are uncovered, and shown to be clawed.

Image Description: A short skeleton with pointy teeth and a single yellow pupil, wearing red mittens, purple turtleneck, grey sweatpants, blue slippers, and a dark blue winter coat with a furred hood. A sharp-toothed shadow stands behind him.

Nickname: eli
Species: monster, skeleton
Soul: yes
Weapons: bones, blasters, the usual
Age: fifty. ish.
Pronouns: he/him
Image Description: Toriel of the Eldritchfell AU. A tall white goatlike monster with red-violet eyes, fluffy ears, and sharp fangs. She has claws on her hands and paws, and is barefoot. She wears a violet dress with gold trim, and a dark blue cloak. She wears a white upside-down heart locket, and a golden Delta Rune clasp. Se wields a silver and gold bow. There's an image of her head, snarling. Her eyes have gone solid magenta, with sideways lightweight pupils. There are pink markings around her eyes on her cheeks.

Species: Boss Monster, Ignicorn
Soul: Purple/Perseverance
Weapons: Argentate Bow, Fire Magic
Age: Physically in her fifties, has lived roughly 200 years.
Pronouns: She/her
Image Description: Frisk from the Eldritchfell AU. A young teen with a light brown skin tone, and dark brown hair. A bandage over the bridge of their nose. Their eyes are shut, their hair partially obscuring their eyes. They're smiling slightly. They wear indigo and pink pajamas, blue slippers, and light red wings.

Nickname: Hummingbird
Species: Human(Spirit)
Soul: Red/Ipseity
Weapons: ???
Age: Fourteen(Fixed)
Pronouns: They/them
Image Description: Chara from the Eldritchfell AU. A young teen with pale skin, rosy cheeks, bags under their eyes, red eyes, messy reddish-brown hair. They have a green and yellow striped sweater, oversized brown jeans, large brown boots. They wear an upside-down white heart locket, and wield a kitchen knife.

Species: Human
Soul: Red/Ipseity
Weapons/Magic: Kitchen Knife, Remembrance Locket
Age: Fifteen
Pronouns: They/them
Three pages added!
“You didn’t tell me that this bake sale was run by spiders.

“i didn’t? is that a problem?”

It looked like a bake sale. Mostly… Certainly not one Chara would be familiar with.

On a mat in the center of the room were multiple plastic cups, similar to those sold in coffee shops. Behind it were two spider webs-- vanilla donuts perched in one, chocolate on another. Bizarre donuts, each with eight spindly legs poking out of them.

Large brown spiders scuttled about the room.

“oh no… i’m sorry… i’ll just…”

Napstablook began to fade from sight.

“Wait-- you don’t have to--!”

Napstabook vanished.

*Aaaaand they’re gone.

*...Chara, are you afraid of bugs?
Frisk floated up next to the other ghost.

*I’m Frisk. My friend is Chara. What did you say your name was?


*Nice to meet you, Napstablook!


*I was wondering about something. Do you know what the difference between a monster-ghost and a me-ghost is?

“i don’t know how you-ghosts are made but monster ghosts just… happen. we can possess things… and if we can feel a very strong emotion… that thing becomes our body and we stop being a ghost. do you possess things?”

*I don’t know. I haven’t tried possessing anything. Are there other ghost-monsters?

“yes i have a few cousins. i haven’t seen them in a while i spend a lot of time in the ruins… it’s quiet it’s nice. no royal guard only one eldritch. oh. we’re here.”

Chara stepped ahead, peering around the corner, resting their fingertips on the brick of the wall… And immediately froze, their expression becoming one of alarm and fear.
“you know there’s a bake sale not too far from here” the ghost said.

“Bake sale. Really?”

“i hear they have donuts”

Chara held their knife towards their head, thinking. “Hm. Good enough. Lead the way.”

Perhaps they had chocolate donuts. That was a popular enough flavor on the surface, why not Underground as well?

Napstablook floated ahead, leading the way, as Chara and Frisk followed.
Well, shit. Empress is on the war path. And looks frankly pretty intimidating.
Joke's on you. I'm pretty okay with being stuck in a lucid dream.
Oooooh... Oh, I love Legendary gijinkas.
I do find Dialga course-correcting Fia's journey to be interesting, and actually like it a bit. Sometimes you see gods who picked you for a journey granting you miraculous powers, or other times you see them just kinda... sitting back and chilling.
But this kinda felt like 'okay that was a bad start but I know you can do better so I'll give you another chance do better'
And hey, she wiped the floor with Roark. So Dialga was right-- Fia can underestimate some things, but that doesn't mean Dialga was wrong in choosing her.

I do adore lore though!
Hiya! Really enjoying how you started this comic! Most nuzlockes, and Pokemon trainer comics in general that I see, start with the trainer getting their starter at the lab and, well-- gets a little stale after a while. It happens less with gijinka lockes so I tend to prefer those, as well as being a fan of the designs in many of them.

But this one! It's got a more unique beginning, jumping straight into the journey! And I love how you introduced Fia's team members, too! Looking forward to seeing more of this one, got a good feeling about it! ^^
Also enjoying the minimalist colors. I'll be keeping an eye on this locke.
That brick joke though.
Goddamn, big pig! O.O
The tears formed a top hat, perched upon the ghost’s head.

“do you like it? i call it… ‘dapper blook’ because… because my name is napstablook… i thought it was… clever… oh…”

*That’s so cool!

Frisk clapped their hands together, grinning.

“you think so?”

*Of course! I’ve never seen anything like it!

Frisk gestured at Napstablook in a ‘See?’ gesture to Chara. Chara, who was, ironically, incapable of seeing Frisk, and therefore oblivious.

Instead, Chara was preoccupied by glancing about for something. “Where is my…? Oh, there it is.”

They picked up their knife. Frisk watched… their expression neutral.

The mood was interrupted by a sudden growling from Chara’s stomach.
I have drunk mango lassis before and they are one of my favorite things