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I am a rather odd, and somewhat spooky, person who has an obsession with X-Files and Pokemon. And, more recently, Undertale.
*somersaults into the Void, whistling*
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@Alse: It was mentioned earlier in the comic.
@Alse: Earlier, there was a story about how anyone can possess any kind of magic, but have only one type. He'd have to give up his sorcerer magic to accept Elven magic. His sorcerer magic is how he entered the vision originally, so without it he may be forced to exit it, and lose a lot of skills.
Is it paranoia if it turns out to be right?
This page is refusing to load for some reason.

Edit: On reflection, that might be because of slow wi-fi and not your fault, actually. Nevermind.
A few lines of dialogue are kind of awkward.

"Have you cried today?"
"Is this for the man you decided to take the life of?"
"But this body is too small, I can barely move."

Maybe those'll work better?
@Berggen_Kino: No problem. ^^
February 19th, 2018
I have spent so much and not enough time trying to figure out how magic works in this AU.
Someone said the necklace looked like a moon. I think it looks like Ho-oh. Ho-oh's sprites always have its wings curved all crescenty, and it's got a conical tail that reminds me of Ho-oh.
Plus, another firebird.
Is the combination of Articuno and Absol in particular a reference to Rescue Team? Because I remember Absol talking Articuno out of attacking the Hero and Partner in that game...
Before now, I thought Echo lived in Naya's necklace.
Echo said that Naya met him a few days before she got amnesia.
So either Echo was lying about that, Echo doesn't live in the necklace, or Naya got the necklace, went through traumatic events, evolved, went through more traumatic events, went to the island in search of something, was caught up in a volcanic eruption, and got amnesia.
Naya has led a very eventful life this past week and she can't even remember most of it.

Then again, the necklace in the flashback looks less... shiny.
It's possible Naya always had the necklace but Echo recently moved into it, too, maybe. I have theories as to Echo's identity(besides Giratina) but I'm not 100% sure still.
I just noticed Mist and Yamask are playing with Pokemon Cards. Who's winning, though??
...I'm tempted to say it has to do with Zila's necklace but that's been present on previous pages.
Either that or it's hidden in the red clouds in the Dark Pulse.
I really freaking like how that Dark Pulse looks, by the way. But I have no idea what the hidden thing is.
...I think a good part of this is I have no idea what I'm looking for, if it's a symbol, or little words in the clouds announcing Echo's species, or what.

...Is Zila's necklace related to Naya's somehow? It's... similar color... not the same shape but it sort of points downwards like Naya's does...
Has Echo had multiple 'hosts'? Does Echo have siblings? Hm.
First on the bag, now on the necklace.
The symbol on the bag in that last panel...
In the process of rereading this. Just remembered how Nyra said Smog was useful for explosions.
That was foreshadowing.
"You suddenly have become very brave." would work better.
@RealityUnhinged: You.
I like how you think.
@Feadel: No problem.
Corrected few typos I noticed.

"forever paralyzed."

"...lack of oxygen, caused by my torn lungs..."

Interesting comic so far. ^^
Amadeus is derived from Latin words, amare or 'to love' and Deus, meaning 'God'. Spanish has roots in Latin as a Romance Language, so it's unsurprising that there are similarities. But the most famous person with the name Amadeus was actually Austrian-- the composer Mozart's full name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.