I am a rather odd, and somewhat spooky, person who has an obsession with X-Files and Pokemon. And, more recently, Undertale.
*somersaults into the Void, whistling*
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I'm pretty sure most of the traits Ace ended up with were ones I voted for(or ones I didn't vote for but were equally okay with), anyways, so I'm happy. ^^
She ISN'T a character in a video game, though...
<s>She's a character in a comic parodying and video game ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD</s>
Welp. Totally caught up now.

By the way Kidcthulu, there's a podcast called Welcome to Night Vale that I feel you would greatly enjoy...
These men are alive because a woman went through eight months of intense discomfort to form a human being. They are of the opinion that they are somehow entitled to use women as pleasure tools whenever they want... why? What did they do that all women should hurl themselves at their feet? Since when is narcissism and egotistical behavior considered attractive?
Since when is a temper tantrum with firearms considered a logical and normal reaction towards not being able to get laid-- when you're just barely an adult, and not even at the halfway point of the average American's lifespan?
Believe it or not, there are things in life to be enjoyed other than sex. They could go do something enjoyable instead of wallowing in there own misery and immaturely whining, and generally sounding like douchebags. Actually, if they stopped focusing totally on sex, they would probably have a better chance of meeting someone interested in doing it with them. Funny how life works like that sometimes? When you stop being obsessed, and acting like a psychopath, people actually start liking you as a decent person?

Sorry for ranting. I read the articles you linked to, and well... Thought I had to say something, I guess?
I've only been lurking for two to three days actually, I just found Tangentville and have been trying to get through all of it. And I'm really enjoying it so far~ :D

I'd say that they're Hazel, the Sick Man, and the Madness.
I like beings with godlike powers acting in unexpected ways, those two are adorable~
I already really liked Hazel, but her being an asexual character shot her up to at least my top three favorite characters. Since realizing I was asexual, I suddenly became very aware of how many stories had a romantic subplot, or a romance as the main plot... And how few had a character explicitly stated to be asexual...
I enjoy a lot of those stories just as much as I used to, and there are some romance centered stories I enjoy, but seeing an asexual or aromantic character always makes me feel a little happier now. ^^
I bet fifty imaginary bucks that it's set up so it looks like they'll hug but then someone smacks someone else and yells at them and THEN they hug.
Oh my god oh my god they're ALIVE and FIGHTING BACK and DOING OKAY and this makes me SO HAPPY and RELIEVED qwq
I've been following you on Deviantart, and decided to reread both Guardians of Hope and Bonds of Hope, and damn. I must say, your art has improved a LOT. Congrats on that~
That reminds me.
Whatever happened to Murkrow, Houndoom, and Houndour? Did they ever make it to Treasure Town?
Does Jen's line when she gives the Moon Pearl to Darkrai remind anyone else of when Chihiro gave the River Spirit's gift to No-Face in Spirited Away?
"The River Spirit gave me this. I was going to give it to my parents, but I think you should have it" or something like that.
The design on the door matches those stone markers we saw in Keldeo's Lake and Ninetale's den...
Sorry for more or less vanishing for... Wow, about a year now.
Have a new comic...
This actually explains a lot... I was wondering why Henry was right handed but Hyde was left handed if they're the same person.
But if Henry HAS to write right handed but is actually left handed, because of society's superstitions and expectations... Meanwhile Hyde just doesn't care... Well, that makes sense to me.
@42Meep: The captain is Miranda.
The one steering the ship is Isabell.
Damn, Daniel. You're acting like a wild animal. That's not how you treat a lady. What were you, raised in a barn?
Reality will consistently let our own imaginations down.
Imagination is the best weapon we have against the readers, listeners, and watchers in horror, after all~
Who's that guy in the second to last panel?
I sort of suspected that perhaps being Shiny made her invulnerable... It seemed like a little bit too much of a coincidence otherwise.