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She is recognizable as the same person if you look, but she also does look very different. More wild and natural, which I like. As 'Ms. Nolan', her entire design and appearance was very ordered, and the sense I got was also kind of muted and suppressed? Her hair was straight and neat, she was in the suit, and her sunglasses made her very hard to read. I think that that's where most of the suppressed and muted sense I got from it-- like she was suppressing her emotions and hiding her true nature.
In way, being a CEO for her was as much of a mask as superheroes sometimes put on.
But as Empress, Ursula feels more free and wild, and since donning this outfit she's been acting more emotional and alive. Her eyecolor, and her true nature, have been awakened. Her hair's no longer being forced to be neat, and is all over the place. Her costume itself is more colorful and visually interesting. As a CEO, the only skin she showed was face and hands, but now she's showing more, and her costume seems to allow more freedom of movement. She's recognizable if you look, but in appearance and mannerism, she's a very different person now.
She's not really wearing a mask. One thing that crossed my mind while typing it was that the CEO persona was more of a mask than Empress. And I remember Mother Nature saying her true self had needed to be awoken again. So maybe there's a kind of symbolism there-- they don't recognize her because the mask has been taken off now.

I think all that's really interesting, and I don't think I've seen that in any other superheroes. Most of the time, the mask is allowing them to be someone they want to be, an idealized alter ego who they sometimes feel they can't be without the mask and powers, not someone they once were who they stopped being.

I've been enjoying this story a lot so far. Keep up the good work. ^^
@A pretty dumb guy: I didn't come around until the first iteration was long gone, but I know second was deleted sometime after it ended. I believe one of Silver's patreon goals has the reward of a pdf of the second run being published, if you truly are interested in reading them. It may take some patience to reach that one though.
It's fine, it's understandable! If you don't have the energy, or just don't want to, then that's perfectly fine! ^^

...Also, I love the Archeops and baby Archen in the background of the third panel. Favorite detail.
@infiniteforces: No problem, I enjoy different and crazy stories tend to be the fun ones. ^^
Your art style is very unique and different from most that I've seen, but I like it! Seems like a rather interesting story, as well.
Panel 1

Toriel checked the water once more, ensuring that nothing, alive or otherwise, was within it before letting her eyes go back to normal.

Panel 2

She looked back at Chara, concerned and tired.

Toriel: ...We should be safer in my house. It is not far.

Chara was afraid… they knew they had seen someone-- something in the water. They weren’t going crazy.

Panel 3

To reassure themself of this point, they looked back at their reflection. It was still that strange other human. It was unnatural. They questioned the other in a whisper.

Chara: ...What… are you?

Panel 4

The other reached out, as if trying to touch Chara.

The Voice: *My name is Frisk. I’m human-- like you.

Panel 5

Toriel: Chara? Are you certain you’re alright?

Chara looked back in the direction of the monster as Toriel called them, looking away from the other.

Panel 6

In Frisk’s voice was remorse, and a hint of desperation.

Frisk: *I’m sorry for scaring you. I didn’t meant to. ...Please don’t be scared.

Panel 7

Chara walked away from the water, muttering to themself. It was unclear who Chara addressed as they muttered-- Toriel, Frisk, or themself.

Chara: It’s fine. I’m fine.

And then they responded to Toriel, louder:

Chara: I’m coming, Toriel!

Panel 8

In the water, unseen, Frisk’s expression shifted to disappointment.
Panel 1

Noticing that Chara had stopped walking, Toriel looked to check on them, only to see them staring at the water in surprise and fear, clinging to their knife tightly.

Toriel: Chara, is everything alright?

Chara: There’s a monster in the water!

Toriel: What!?

Panel 2

In a matter of moments, Toriel had closed the distance between herself and Chara, putting her body between Chara and the water, and had conjured a fireball.

Toriel: Stay back-- allow me to handle this.

Panel 3

Toriel was unsure what monster or eldritch would lurk in the water, but she would not allow them to hurt Chara so long as she was around. She felt a prickling sensation in her eyes and the area around them as she let them change.

Panel 4

Toriel’s senses became less so as she concentrated on her ability to sense magic. She scanned the water for any sign of life…

*...But nobody came…
Panel 1

Reflected within the still water was a human, perhaps only a year or so younger than Chara. Their skin was tanned compared to Chara’s, their hair still brown but lighter and less red. Their eyes were near shut. They wore comfortable looking indigo and pink pajamas, feathered red wings visible on their back, and as they saw the look on Chara’s own face, their face changed to mirror Chara’s surprise.

Panel 2

The Voice: *You can… see me!?

As the voice spoke, the human’s lips moved in time with the words. Did the voice belong to the human in the water? Was some kind of ghostly monster haunting and toying with Chara? They stepped away from the water’s edge.
In the first speech bubble, you misspelled 'fair'.
Panel 1

Chara followed Toriel as she navigated the maze of spikes. They found that as Toriel put her weight on specific panels, the spikes would retreat and vanish into the floor, allowing the two to cross safely.

Panel 2

However, the moment Chara’s weight left a panel, the spikes would swiftly and violently shoot up again with a loud clicking noise.

Panel 3

Soon, however, Chara felt that so long as they stuck close behind Toriel, they would be rather safe in this room. Their attention began to drift away from the spikes. It was not that they began to notice something flickering in the corner of their vision, across the surface of the still water.

Panel 4

At first, Chara only glanced at it out of the corner of their eyes from mild curiosity, but it soon caused them to stop entirely in their tracks. They stared at it, eyes wide in surprise.
Panel 1

Toriel: I shall guide you through it.

She reached out her hand, waiting for them to take it again.

Panel 2

Chara’s hands remained at their sides as they looked at Toriel’s hand.

They had slipped up once. They had to be careful. They had come here for a reason.

Panel 3

Filled with resolve, they tightened their grip around their knife’s handle.

Chara: I can handle myself.

Panel 4

For a moment, Toriel felt the need to insist. The human was young, and proud, and unfamiliar with the dangers of the Asylum and the Underground, the dangers that Toriel had been living with for years.

Was it worth it to risk an argument?

It was not. So long as Chara did not misstep on this puzzle… it would be safe. This time.

Panel 5

She turned her head away from Chara, to look upon the spikes again, mentally going over the safe path within them once more.

Toriel: Very well.

Panel 6

Toriel: Follow my steps exactly, and do not deviate.

She took a step forward as she spoke.

Chara: I won’t.
Panel 1

In silence, they walked further down the long, shadowed corridors of the Asylum, Toriel’s claws clicking against the brick floor.

Panel 2

As they entered the next room, Toriel suddenly thrust out her right arm, stopping Chara in their tracks. Chara only needed to glance at the room to see why she had done so-- before the pair was a metal floor, sharp spikes poking up through the tiles lining it. On either side of the spiked metal floor was a pool of still water. At the very end of the room stood a closed door, a symbol emblazoned on it-- a winged circle, similar to the clasp of Toriel’s cloak, with four triangles placed underneath it.

Panel 3

Toriel turned to address Chara.

Toriel: On second thought… Perhaps this puzzle is a bit too dangerous for you at this time…
Panel 1

Toriel froze. She knew an Eldritch would not have such reservations, but it still hurt her to see her child injured needlessly.

Toriel: My ch-- Chara!?

She almost slipped up in her shock. She silently reminded herself that Chara did not seem like being called ‘my child’.

Toriel: I apologize-- are you injured!?

They should not be badly hurt. There was little, if any, intent to harm in her magic bullets.
Magic was all about intent.

Panel 2

Chara was more unnerved by the sudden voice in their head than truly injured. There was pain, but they could easily ignore it, and they could tell it would rapidly fade. They did not feel as if they had been actually burned or injured in any way, it was more like they had banged their knee against a table.

Chara: I am fine…

The Voice: *It stings.

Chara: I can continue.

Panel 3

Toriel hesitated again. She could not read this human as well as she was used to. Their face was a mask, she knew they were in pain but unsure how much.

And of course, there was the niggling fear in the back of her head. She could drive off the Flower Beast, but could never deter it for longer than a few hours… how much time had passed by now? In the Asylum, it always felt as though time had ground to a standstill.

Panel 4

With a sigh, Toriel lowered her hands and ended the FIGHT. She looked down.

Toriel: No… You succeeded in dodging the others… We have dawdled long enough. We should make haste.
Don't tempt fate, Anna.
VERY interesting art style... I like it a lot. You've got my interest. ^^
Panel 1

The fireballs narrowly missed Chara entirely by luck. Their heartrate accelerated and thoughts raced as they processed this. As the next round of fireballs was hurled, they quickly began moving to dodge.

Panel 2

But in the midst of their movement, a voice seemed to whisper in… in their ear, but not like sounds they were used to. They knew the words were clear as day, and yet they were not spoken out loud at all.

The Voice: *Maybe you could’ve been a bit gentler on her.

Panel 3

Chara immediately whipped their head around, spooked beyond belief from the not-quite-voice.

Chara: Who--!?

Panel 4

Chara: Ah!

But before they could complete their thought, a fireball smacked into their chest while they were distracted. Stinging, aching pain persisted throughout their entire body.
I’m reeeeally not much of a shipper. I don’t have any, sorry.
It's sooooo pretty! :D
Denial's an anagram of Daniel, I just realized.