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What do you mean, 'how bad the backgrounds are'? Your crystals and lighting are beautiful, and stalactites/stalagmites are difficult to draw but you still made them lovely.
Was there an error of some kind? Because the page I see is very tiny, and extremely difficult to read.
This is what I see when I view this page:
When I view previous pages, they are at their normal sizes which, for comparison, look like this to me:
I think it takes strength to admit you made mistakes and try to both face and fix them.
I love them.
It's baaaaaaack, I was wondering what happened to this comic! ^^
I like her already.
Then again, I've always enjoyed experiencing something that I wasn't expecting but in a pleasant way.
Typo in the first panel-- I think Mr. Decay means he 'fell' into poverty?
...Dangit I really like Billygoat.

Hm. Based off Riza Hawkeye from FMA maybe? Because that's the only other Hawkeye I personally know. ^^'
...Huh. This is my second time reading this comic, but I only just noticed the symbol on the earring... interesting.
Hawkeye and Deadpool are Marvel superheroes who have names that could potentially be canonical Warriors names, as there are warriors with the prefixes Hawk and Dead(Hawkfrost, Deadfoot), and the suffixes Eye and Pool(Owleyes, Leafpool, Ivypool)
I realized that a year or so ago. That's all the help I can think of. *shrug*
Your art style is beautiful, and this story has been really interesting... I wonder if it's nearing the end, or if there are things that happen afterward?
I really like the sort of duality going on in the two panels on the lower left.

Hm. I wonder if she'll have to deal with everyone knowing who she is when she acts as Empress? If that's so, those loggers will almost certainly put the pieces together, possibly go after her in revenge. It may improve some people's opinions of her, or lower Empress' image in the eyes of others-- not that her persona of Empress is especially well-known.

A lot of interesting ways to go from here. And I'm interested to see them.
I'm not sure if their team name has been mentioned in-comic before or not, but this is the first time I've noticed it, and I LOVE it.

(On an unrelated note, I used to know a guy who thought 'Psychic' was spelled and pronounced 'Side-kick'. And that it was a kick to the side. To be fair, this was in the sixth grade.)
*squints* is that a dark murkrow-shaped blob I spy on the roof
It just says ‘bad image source’
You know what they say.

Where there’s magikarp, there’s at least one, but probably five, pissed off gyarados.
Wonderful to see you’re back. ^^
Leave. Don't walk. Run.