Hey there! Name's Teeter. I like doodling Pokemon, and some original dump sometimes. I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time, so, yup

also I really really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you'll probably notice this from my fav webcomics. Someday I'll have the guts to make a PMD comic myself.
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The first time I played Blue Rescue Team I couldn't take Gengar's team seriously. Not only they called themselves "Meanies", they also wanted to take over the world...

I bet Gengar is gon' be red from embarassment when Jen mentions this
But would Avis really leave Rodney behind? .3.
I'm digging that cartoonish style
Oh my gosh, Darkrai's laugh is the purest thing in this whole comic. This is someone who has been through so much suffering, laughing. He has friendship and support from everyone now. He's happy!

Protect that smile!! /)OAO)(\
You improved so much since the first page! This is lookin' really awesome!
Did your style change a bit? It's a little different from what I remember :v

Anyway, this looks promising! I'm pumped for this!
I dunno, I thought the stick looked pretty consistent?? But maybe it's just me

Really nice action scenes there!
For a second here I thought Hippopotas's nostrils were eyes and I was terrified
I thought Darkrai would seriously hurt her. Shows he's actually good after all, even if he hates her guts
Ghost type doing creepy things is one of the coolest things about 'em. Gotta love Hiro! ouo
This went from 0 to 100 really quick
Well he seems to be helping... but holding Lovrina by her neck suggests some hostility.

I'd bet he's willing to harm her after this
Did Darkrai seriously just slap the strongest pokemon in the world??
Nice expressions on this page!
Dang, Tim Tam must be quite strong for the froakie boi to be so tired when pushing him.

or maybe just heavy
now that you mention it, I finally noticed Avis' color scheme is way different than that of a normal axew. Not even counting the spots, she looks quite weird.

it's kinda surprising no one else in-universe is puzzled by this
They're all gonna die :(
Looks like the end of the world as we know it.

at least they're ok (for now?)