Hey there! Name's Teeter. I like doodling Pokemon, and some original dump sometimes. I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time, so, yup

also I really really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you'll probably notice this from my fav webcomics. Someday I'll have the guts to make a PMD comic myself.
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He doesn't look peachy at all :(
Did... did he just perform a defibrillation??

this comic is brilliant
This is the most adorable thing ever
AURA MASK!! (/>o<)/

judging from his badge, he's probs a guild member, too
Please don't snap on the kid... ;w;
These action scenes keep getting better!! OAO

//also I dunno if this "my woman" thing is teasing or just a reference to that one scene in chapter 2, but it's awesome either way =w=
I can't believe Max is freaking dead
These kids are so cute!

And the village pokemon being willing to forgive Gengar.. that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.
I think I've seen this fella before... wasn't he a riolu superhero of sorts?

Well, he came right on time! 8D
N is so humble... what a nice guy

there really is no better trainer for Mewtwo
uhh that thing Deerling is pointing at, in the first panel... is that Shelmet?

I just thought it looked kind of weird, because a shelmet's back doesn't look.. uh.. blocky. Sorry if this sounds rude or anything
ye, saw that coming... though I also considered ditto.

She looks! adorable!!
He's gonna get squished like a spider D:
um hey, I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but... for a Mystery Dungeon comic, there is a significant lack of "mystery dungeon-ness" in this. You know, exploration/rescue/etc Teams, threat to the Pokemon world, Hero and Partner(s)... It just feels more like a regular Pokemon comic than a PMD one.
Gosh, Mytew's father writes like a doctor.
This looks so amazing!! Really nice work with the shading and light!
Dang, that last panel... You can just feel the urgency in his voice (thoughts?) Del's expression combined with that line made me get goosebumps.
I thought that had a romantic meaning for a moment and I was so confused
That water looks gorgeous! The whole scene's colors are so nice to look at
That's ok, I never know what I'm doing either

This looks pretty good!