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Hey there! Name's Teeter. I like doodling Pokemon, and some original dump sometimes. I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time, so, yup

also I really really like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, you'll probably notice this from my fav webcomics. Someday I'll have the guts to make a PMD comic myself.
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Your Deoxys looks adorable!!
Aaa yess, Avis got a trainer! 8D
Maybe she'll finally learn how to 'pokemon' now

edit: Francis drinks holding his pinky up,, I'm love him
What a jerk. Trying to stomp a little kid D:
Caterpie's eyes look terrifying... in a good way, though.

Such a cute kid! I just hope he won't get disappointed
You know at the beginning of the comic, when Avis couldn't remember her age?

I just realized it's really difficult to figure out how old she is. Sometimes she acts like a child, but then there's times where she seems to be older... It's totes ambiguous.

I wonder if that will be important later. :U
Who knows? Maybe when this is all over Stacha and Kroll might redeem themselves. And then fox gal can win water boy over with her charm. >w>
//that's the only way I can see this working though, Rodney wanting anything to do with the enemy at the moment doesn't sound very in-character...

Poor Avis. Having no answers must be really frustrating ;;

Color me surprised, he's actually that cute fluffy legend!! That raises a lot of questions...

//after readers guessed things correctly many times, you finally fooled us. Well done xp
Quite the mess you got yourself into, Atticus :v

(Hope you feel better soon! pls get some rest!)
I love how Medicham readies herself for a fight. What a strong, protective gal

I'm guessing Mewtwo will have to stay behind? Hoopa can't pass through their own portals. I wonder if that inability extends to their rings
Don't the purposely vague answers rise at least a DOZEN red flags!?
He seems to be a pretty optimistic guy. I like him!
I'm having second thoughts on who is the real Big Bad in this comic
Someone's getting headaches... I wonder if this is just a one time thing, or if it will actually be important later on.
There's that creepy drowzee dude who wanted to use a child to get a treasure... and sketchy umbreon guy with a vendetta against kitty hero. These are the ones I see, I might be wrong tho

I'm guessing Kroll here is a shapeshifter
This is a great opportunity to ask for a tent!
Suspicious attitude is suspicious. I'm keepin' an eye on this lucario hero...

Fighting using a literal ghost sword would be quite awesome, actually
@Bwsrfn11: Oooohhhh..

I forgot lol
@random guy: I mean like.. outside of mystery dungeons
Does this mean explorers often get attacked outta nowhere by ill intentioned pokemon??

That's rough buddy