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Apologies for the inconvenience. ^_^
(also: and*, "support 'and' patience")
Also also, excuse the wooziness that this page may cause. Was going to handwrite it but halfway through I realized that I probably should have planned what to write beforehand as there were a lot of mistakes.
Hello, I'm sorry to say but I'm going to have to pause the updates for some time. My cintiq just broke and i have to wait for it to get fixed before I can continue updating. Hopefully that won't be too troublesome.
@boiseboo: Oh, you're right. I hadn't noticed that I was using more of the lighter tones. I'll fix it once the chapter is completed.
@justw894: Thank you, been working on it ^_^
Hi, terribly sorry for the constant delays. I'm trying my best to update as often as I can but it's been quiet hard to find the time for it. I'm currently taking 6 classes, when the recommended amount is 3, in hopes of graduating this year. So that has been keeping me busy. I also started a new job which took some getting used to. Bu you guys have been awesome for having patience and I truly appreciate those who stuck around. Thank you so much for the support ^_^ . Will continue to work hard on updating when I can.

Aww, thanks. Makes me feel a bit better about the page. Glad you like it ^_^
Bit rushed but here's a update, hope you enjoy. ^_^
@Guest: Hello :). Sorry to say, but I do not have a patreon.
Sad to say but it seems that updates will continue to be random, at least for the next 8 weeks. I'm aiming to do at least one page a week, but there might be weeks with no update, including next week. Hopefully that wont be too troublesome. Enjoy ~
Here it is, the start of chapter 2. Still not very deep into the story but we're getting there. I like having my stories slow paced. Also, now it's in color! Imagine that! Will be colored a bit differently than my other work. Mostly because I'm testing out different techniques. Enjoy :)
End of chapter 6
Phew! This was a long and tough journey but we did it. Chapter 6 is complete. Now as usual, I'll be taking my much needed break to focus on other things and work on the next chapter + do some final edits.
Thank you so much for sticking around despite the lack of updates and if you're new, welcome!
Thank you all for reading, criticizing, rating, favorite-ing, commenting and just being supportive. I always appreciate and love you guys for that. Hope you enjoyed the story and will continue to do so.
Have a great night. Until next time, take care.
Hello! I'm back, and fresher than ever! Apologies for my absence, a lot of stuff came up and I mean a LOT! So I ended up being away way longer than planned, but here I am. Let the update frenzy begin. 1 page a day. Enjoy~! :D
Haha hi... Quite late but here it is.
There are more on the way so look forward to it. Hope you guys have a great week :D

The scanner is down. Can't scan the pages in yet until the scanner is up and running. Sorry. As soon as I can scan pages, I'm just going to upload 1 page a day and finish the chapter. :)
@boiseboo: Uhh oki :). It would probably be better to show it but... I mostly use the box method if that's even a thing. Basically I imagine the palm to be a box and the fingers cylinders. Then naturally since they aren't actually like that, I tweak it until I'm satisfied and add the details, if that's of any help?
I'm aliiive~! It liiives!!
Haha that break ended up way longer than planned but here is a page with another on the way(be here tomorrow or so) and 2 more after that. Enjoy~
@M-24: Whoopsies! XD Yup, totally meant that. Fixed it. Thank you for correcting me, always appreciate those. :)
No update
There will be no update for awhile as I'm in the middle of moving...again(sigh) and I want to finish working on my other comic and get it ready for chapter 2. I will however update 4 pages later to make up for it. Hopefully this wont take too long. :)
A bit early, but here's one update. Would have come sooner but I lost internet connection for awhile. I hope you enjoy.
There will most likely be a slight delay with the next update, depending on the week. We'll see. Have a great day everyone :)
@Empressskyfire: I'm sorry but at the current moment I'm quite busy. If it is of any consolation I have started on one page and so I might update it earlier than planned. :)
No update next week. I'm busy planning the next chapter in my other comic.