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I dont know. I sometimes do things. 99% of the time though, probably not.
@MegaBoyX7: haha what the shit, that is WACK. lmao
@ZeroDXZ: I want to say Megaboy was still friends with you at the time and thought putting you in there was a good idea lmao
In hindsight, Beta, "Ask the Betas" was a horrible name lmao
it feels so weird that megaboy made this, in late 2018, even. like, its high quality, has a decent punchline and everything, just, huh. It's crazy seeing how people grow and evolve over time, often so quickly too
jokes aside these sprites were a damn good start into the sprites tab post 2018 reboot
Aw damnit, the image broke. Rest in peace original banner, whatever it was. To be honest, I kinda forgot
this looks good and I never actually seen this until now because of the awful formatting of RSP lmao. Shiver probably made this, I believe. Look how meaning those eyes look.
I want to say either Megaboy or Beta made this one (most likely Megaboy?) and this was actually the cover of the comic for some time. Look at all those bad ocs! Such a weird time.
I want to say Megaboy made this one, judging by the date of this and the quality?
I think this was actually the banner for some time, too, or may have been but like, I changed it because I didn't like it being called "sprite memesource" or something.
Dude, like, duuuuuuuude, mood.
I forgot what this was, and who made this one.

Sadly, the image is broken, and there is not even any alt text for potential context. Damn.
What... What does this mean??? There is just so much to unpack here. Whether it be the raw, pure emotion of Bass firing a fucking mega laser up in this bitch, or the alt text that quite simply states "R.I.P."
Like. What a fucking postmodern god damn MASTERPIECE.
the mad man teleports behind you and just FUCKING dashes off. Wack/10.
I didn't even notice half of the random shit in here on my first time looking through everything, shit.

This, too, was such a cursed post. God damn.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Probably because no background, and what not, being super easy for lazy amateur spriters. The overuse of the concept of a white area being a void I'm not entirely sure about though
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: I don't even think I made this, is the weird thing. I want to say RedBomber (Walter, now) made this, but I'm not sure. Either that or like, maybe Megaboy or something
This is such a fucking cursed post, like, holy shit. God damn.
very high quality May May yes.