I am currently studying Game Art in Germany, aiming to become a concept and 3D artist for the game industry as my main aim.
I have been drawing all my life, starting in 2003 with my first personal comics which I took online in 2005.
My comics tend to either be focused on homosexual relationships or to at least feature them, so be prepared.

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I can relate, my grandfather had died recently as well.
Take your time, it's a sad and painful situation. I hope you get through it ok, don't worry about us.
Good to hear, don't worry about how often, sometimes life just takes over ;)

And I know, right?
The only people that would do something so disgusting are him and people that put laxatives into cupcakes!
But who'd do that, like, SERIOUSLY?
@yasha.queen: Well, he certainly had enough of that stuff after those lovely cupcakes.
Oh boy, the birds are flying low.
Guess, it's gonna rain.
@SoulRaider116: I feel like Stupidity is highly contagious, so both should be fine by now.
Well, they say idiots can't catch a cold, so...
July 19th, 2017
Could we forget all the excistential angst for a moment and look at this SWEET hole I made!? 8D
July 17th, 2017
Congratz, welcome back ;)

And woah, another moment for Cort to apparently relive some old trauma, if going by those background sentences...
@summerstorm: Stone in air for 0.05 seconds, cue Niko setting the big machine on fire and blaming it on Faust.
Oddly, that doesn't sound entirely impossible...
@Amega: Oh, that one is fine. Wait till you see what happens when he needs a moficiation though, those are REALLY fun xD
@Amega: Nah, the cheesy part comes later when he has to dramatically save one of his non-cooperating teammates, obviously ;)
......I legit thought he was messy.
How stupid of me, of course a narcist wouldn't live in dirt that might stick to their polished baby skin.
That expression...
Hiro is either lying naked in bed and Takashi is about to loose it...........
Or Hiro is a frigging mess and Takashi can't believe he actually decided to enter that pigsty.
Lol, he looks so freaked out xD
Like "Ok, how to carefully navigate around Mini-Hiro without alarming him?"
July 10th, 2017
Good luck!

And lol about the "Don't start pushing away too hard now, Cort - you have a surprise in store! 0_O"
"Little does he know that he is in a BL story" or what are you trying to say? xD
Everytime I see fish, my mind can't get around the fact that that cuddly bby will become like his mum one day xD
Aw, we love you as well!
And oh boy, a small Hiro?
Is he at least smarter or is that a family trait for males? xD
Was the door open before or are his parents in front of it, swooning and making bets on how the relationship will develop after this night?

Also D'AAAAAW, how cute
THROW THE CHEES-, I mean stone. Stone.
Throw the stone.
The second he called Hiro "Idiot", she knew he was the one for him.