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I <3 Pokemon
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...I ship them, okay?
I have finished rereading!
Totally worth it!
June 1st, 2018
"End up a meal," She warns, and a few pages ago she said she was hunting "something". She's hunting werewolves, isn't she? Run Leif!
I love this page! Everyone's reactions are hilarious! xD
This has been amazing to read so far! The world building has been wonderful, the art is beautiful, and the story has already drawn me in. I can't wait to read more in the future. :)
Sawsbuck and Sceptile are my guesses.
*Deep breath in.*

It is time.
You don't know how excited I was to see an update for this comic! :)
Now would be a good time to learn Surf. xD
Those last two panels. Perfection. If this comic ended right here with those two panels I wouldn't even be disappointed. (Actually yes I would be plz don't stop.)
Mewtwo can learn Teleport, but only in gen 1. So yes it is in his movepool-- just not his recent one.
...Now would be a good time to learn how to teleport, Mewtwo.
@Flame Shadow: In terms in our time I see what you mean, but in-comic it hasn't even been a day since she's met Koko, we just need to give Muro a bit of time. :)
@Flame Shadow: Pages 34, 35, and 36 of this chapter seem to suggest that Muro is selectively mute or has anxiety of some kind, or something similar. She tries to speak on these pages, but it seems emotionally she can't bring herself to. It's not her fault.

"I can't get myself to say anything! I keep trying and no words will come out! Even though I really have to say something to them!" -- Muro's thoughts on page 35. She is trying to speak, she is trying to communicate with them.
@Guest: Keep in mind this is a Pichu (a baby Pokemon) that was abandoned by her family-- she has no one. She's in a place she doesn't know, people (well, Pokemon) are forcing her to go places she doesn't want to, and she just came face to face with a screaming Ekans (snakes hunt mice. I know this is Pokemon, but still). If you were her age and in her shoes, you'd probably react the same way.