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No... My favorite Nuzlocke comic is over...

This has been an amazing comic, I've loved it so much! It's clean, simple, and the characters were just so lovable and adorable! Just all the small details in the background never failed to make me laugh. Thank you for this wonderful piece of art.
The Pichu is selectively mute, isn't she? Physically able to talk, but mentally/emotionally can't?
-Xola the Elgyem
-Wears an everstone as a necklace.
-Her father was a Kadabra, which is reflected in her markings and moveset.
Link to reference:
I finished re-reading this comic for who knows how many times now, and each time I notice something that I didn't notice the first time.

This time around I noticed that I ship Lopunny and Mewtwo. xD
@Surfersquid: Will it be back in the future?
What happened to interpretive dancing?
Someone needs to give him a hug. :(
Just caught up! Amazing comic so far, and I can't wait to see more!
Stupid Ghetsis and his stupid Hydreigon...
It hasn't even been a month since I first read this comic, and I'm already re-reading it. I don't know why I didn't leave a comment the first time around, but here it is this time: This comic pure. The story is so simple, but what you touch on is so complex. The way you portray everything is amazing. Everything ties back together, even the smallest of details. The characters are all so lovable, and the emotions I can't even begin to describe. I always tear up when I reach certain parts of the story, the emotions just get to you. As someone who loves to write, I just love the way you've set up the story, and then there's the story itself. I can't even begin with how amazing this story is, but thank you for sharing it.
It's be awesome for Kris to go to Mount Silver, find the protagonist from your first story and tell her that it's safe to come down... That Professor Oak is long gone now... Hopefully.

What was Kris's final team?
It's your boy... Skuntank!
Is it too late to submit cameos? If not here's a reference to one I drew:

I don't know if she counts of "standing out too much", if she does then just ignore this submission.

Basically this Elgyem's father was a Kadabra, so I made her look a bit different. She has longer legs and tail, and slightly different markings, but other than that she looks like a regular Elgyem. In this picture she's wearing an everstone as a necklace, but you can just ignore that. xD
Hard to believe how far he's come.
@steelscyther_2008: They're the same scissors Silver used to cut his hair with awhile back.
@Guest: As I'm fading away...