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lord of nowhere
hello i'm simone, im a college student from canada and i draw stuff sometimes.
you can find me on tumblr @lord-of-nowhere
@Nevalone: traditional. its all graphite and ink my dude
im back from the grave to wish yall a happy holidays, and to thank you for continuing to read close to death. its been almost a year and i'm still surprised when someone comments on a page. i hope yall are doing well
thanks again, yall, and goodbye
this was originally just gonna be one panel and a lengthy, sad author's note at the end but i figured having some actual info would be nice. also i'm a sucker for circular endings.
while we're here though i just wanna say thank you all for reading and sticking with me. i hope it was good enough for you. close to death was kind of a test for me to see if i Had What It Takes to maintain a webcomic and i guess i did it? but at what cost. i've learned a lot of what not to do, which is honestly great and i'm glad i know that now. i'll do a hell of a lot better next time.
tbh though i'm glad we're done here. i'm glad it got an ending, even if it's probably not the best it could've been. i'm at once glad and full of regret that we all went through this. thank you again, dear readers, for taking this journey with me.
everyone conveniently forgot this all involved Lawbreaking
sorry for the delay yall, but we should be good to go till the end, now.
i feel like that's fitting, though, to end with a delay. very in-tune with how this has all gone so far lmao
lets ring in the new year by ending this thing
merry christmas yall here's my belated gift to you; a page with fancy gradients hoo boy
EDIT; also you remember that big ol fish skeleton from like page 105? thats where this one came from. matas specializes in reanimating livestock and beloved pets
ive got a sweet buffer now so its TWO PAGES A WEEK AGain just like back in the day. this is great.
im giving up on inking pages in the interest of actually getting them up in a reasonable time frame. winter break is coming up though so hopefully i can just sit down and finish a shit ton of pages then and maybe end this thing once and for all lmao
this page is kind of awful but ive been absent too long.. art college is kicking my ass, and you'd think i'd at least have better pages of this to show for it, but no.
happy halloween everyone
its midterm time folks so have a college-level bastien. speaking of which i know i said somewhere he minored in fine arts but i cant think of what he'd major in. do y'all have any ideas/suggestions?
yeah classes have been kicking my ass sorry abt dissapearing for a while there. i might switch to weekend updates because that'll be easier to work with. also happy thanksgiving to my fellow canadian readers
i almost didn't post this because until today there wasn't actually a page. and sure its kind of substandard compared to the rest of this chapter but holy shit its not filler! considering classes have started again im impressed w myself. who knows how long this streak will last though...
i had a great time with this page because i didn't need to ink half the panels and honestly it was liberating. and exhausting too but it was worth it yknow.
(empty again..just like my buffer............)
last night i finished the thumbnail planning that takes us to The End and i am pumped. conclusion is so close i can almost taste it.......
in retrospect i'm thinking maybe making the villain lady part of the mafia was kind of bland and not a great idea, especially in the light of their house. obviously they're magical hoarders or like, weird occultists, or art dealers. but i guess its kind of too late to go back and change that. this is why you plan ahead with your stories/webcomics, kids.
ill never improve at time management, also i think i lost my thumbnails SO its filler time again folks.