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Something...Something...I got nothing Simple slightly messed up guy...yep that sums it up.
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    I don´t use my slave name...o.O
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You Call That a Twiat?
All of these people saying that is was a twist...

Really the real twist would have been DT or even Jenny, seeing them and thinking they were just a couple kissing. Or scaring/shoving Atty, so that they do end up kissing...Now that would be a Twist.
Use your Balls
Quick Atty grab one while the rest is not looking, and put him in you balls...I mean what else are they good for, if not catching other peoples pokemons. (To much Pokemon Colloseum)
Jenny Wants Her Squirts.
I kind of saw this coming, but i never thought it would actually happen...But hey i don´t judge, give the lady her squirts. If that is her wish.

Also completly random...Go to her, she is waiting for you. RUN ATTY RUN!!!
You look really threatening, with a bunch of turtles saying. "Squirt Squirt". In front of you...

And poor poor Atty, he is just a boring character. Guess his hair does not qualify as stupid enough, to be considered interesting.

On another note, squirtle glasses lack the awesome leader glasses.