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@Dr. Giggles: Given her parents reaction, I'm betting they inadvertantly did something that lead to her current condition.
Oh no! She forgot the garlic bread!
AAL Merchandise
Facebook said 'What would folks think about us making little AAL character plush dolls? Everyone needs a Sheila stuffed animal.'

That would be nice, but if you could swing it financially, I'd like to buy little plastic figures of the characters, like those the Bros. Chaps sold of their Homestarrunner characters. (Anyone out there have a 3-D printer they're not using? :) )Perhaps you could offer initially figures of the three characters, and if successful branch out into others, possibly our heroines in their taur forms, and go from there.
But, I thought they violated no known laws...
Honey...I have something to show you...
Pete: "Hmm? Something different? Oh, the tuxedo, looks nice on you!"
Nick: "I knew it!"
Bill: "That's great, luv..did you remember to pick up the pizza?"
Picard never hit me!
@dracone: "Celia has Medium Awareness."

She also seems to be missing her taur pants :)
@Valkeiper2012: They'd just need the MiBs to lend them some of those memory flasher devices so they could flash their husbands every night.
Ok....good news, bad news.... We decided to prosecute the fox taurs...however you will all need to stay in these forms as evidence until the trial...
Awwwwww..Mary looks so cute sticking her tongue out like that! Plus free taur pants! Win win I say.
Hey! You give me a third pair of hands, you can't complain when I use them!
Reece has a point...of the three of them, (in universe) why did the one who could still run fast in her new form stay back while the other two chased the fox taurs? ( Of course out of universe I'm sure it was done because it's cute to see Sheila bouncing along and Ally wrapped around Ceila's back. :) )
Maybe Reece will give the zapper back to the fox taurs so she can legally chase them down and beat them up.
Tim Burton is weird.
For the director's cut of the comic, they'll restore the scene of her saying "Ohhhhh, you dirty rat!" before zapping Charles.
Ah, good, I was hoping we'd get a full body shot of Sheila in color without text over it before the tale was done. She sure does look happy at the prospect of a six armed beat down. Go ahead, Foxy...make her day! ;)
@DarkwingDork: Well I suppose we can speculate....judging from Reece's reaction about her being given a National Reece Day, I'll guess that she will be offered a seat on the Council.