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i like star wars mario cart pokemon and robotics and stuff i also like dogs to
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rose has to much energy. she should use that for the gym battle
I really like the 3rd panel.
awesome 6th chapter! im so happy i started looking for pokemon comics in the first place. it's awesome how far this has gone
it looks so cool the way you made it
i hope rose wins!
i wonder what the extra will be
looks cool
it will probaly look so cool with u guys fighting that assain. im just assuming that hes going to hunt u guys down Edit: im talking about the last comic
cool i neevr noticed he was getting less grey
cool i watch fresh prince too!
i never thought of a black treecko. sounds pretty cool
ragna rocker you're probaly right.
looks pretty good. is that a rapidash?
ghost it's so amazing that you've made this many comics. just saying isn't evelle going a little over the edge with "visiting" gunnar? i can understand someone's grief about losing a loved one but that seems a little weired.
on the comic before this.... i have never seen better anime drawing in the world. it looks so cool!
just an idea will gypsy sorta be like a big sister to zeki?
the 4rth panel looks pretty good
just wondering did what i say in the last comic sound to weired or did no one read it? also it be cool if someone created a comment counter so the writer could see how many comments were made on the comic. i like the 3rd panel
i agree with captain ghost. that is the best humor ive heard yet. and gyspy and seke would {no let me rephrase} gypsy and seke DO go together.