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Mainly a ghost reader
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wrong. :/
@NeoNemesis: That's a fine theory, but Oliver say "I always wanted a new little brother." Implying that he's not had a new brother before. The point the author is trying to make is that Oliver is going to experiment/torture on lucky like he did with his brother before.
smoke on the water and fire in the sky
@CuteMissyCat: What do we do to celebrate it or why we celebrate it? Because on the fourth of July, all the smart people go to preplanned legal firework shows, and all the lazy/stupid/poor people go to their friends houses and watch an illegal private show.
wooh! get dat ass kaoru! i'm glad, i really didn't want shizu to win.
i know this was posted a while ago
i thought i'd comment anyways because oH MY GOD AN AFI SHIRT.