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Hobbies: Video games, sewing, writing, drawing, cosplay, origami, etc.
Fav Song: Janie's Got A Gun - Aerosmith
Fav Movie: Gladiator
Presently playing: Final Fantasy VIII, Sly Cooper
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Poor girl. While Nanaki has a point I still think Vincent is mature and smart enough to filter through what she said. He could, if only for a moment, ignore her anger and get the base of her message. Then it may of actually have helped. Oh well! C'est la vie!
Beautiful art so far! The dialog is also just like it was in the story (as far as I can remember XD).
I love the "face off" stare between them. Yuffie looks intense and Vince just looks pissed!
Vincent is acting like a baby storming off like that. He's (physichally) 27 and should start acting like it!
As usual beautiful art. I wish I could colour like that!
Lovely art, as usual. I look forward to seeing how this is to develope. I just wish Laurent wasn't so mean to poor Chiro!
Ooof, touchy aren't we? It was his fault though, accusing Yuffie of having romantic feelings for him with out "probable cause". Poor girl
Laurent is adorable! I love her attitude! Chiro's religious zealousy is interesting. Although he is just being cautious but he should take a page from Laurent and let go! Beautiful art and interesting story so far!
I love how her eyes glow when she's furious. It shows just how intense her anger is towards him. Plus I applaud her bravery in facing off against him. He really is "all or nothing". It really takes someone like Yuffie, who is outspoken and bold, to present a harsh truth to a man like him. He needs it put out in black and white or else he'll ignore it. Yuffie is layin' it on thick and THAT is the sort of thing that will leave an impact on him!

Nanaki looks like he is struggling with what to do with Yuffie. Maybe he agrees with her but doesn't like the way she is telling it to Vincent? Or perhaps her immense power might strike some fear in him? What ever the reason, he looks genuinely distraught. I feel sympathy.

Vincent needs to take Yuffie's words and sort them out. He needs to set aside her anger and look for the real message in it. That she wanted to be friends and get to know him but he wouldn't allow it. But if he just takes it as it is then he may disregard it as the rantings of an angry child.

As usual, fabulous work! Everytime I get online I check for updates I love it so! Please keep it up!
What a jerk! He really is a conceitted little priss some times! Oh woe! When will I get my Yuffentine? Still, nice art as usual.
Fantastic work! Art like a pro. I remember when I read the original story it said that puberty passed Yuffie up. It doesn't seem so in this comic! She really does look like an adult to me! You really illustrated her well. (Also, Nanaki looks great when he gets POed. Hee hee!)
Excellent work, as usual. That was so rude and assuming of Vincent to say! Just like him though. And I'm glad Nanaki is stepping in for Yuffie.
As usual, beautiful art and just a great job. I'm praying for some serious yuffentine though. Hee hee! You should become a pro comic artist because this is lovely.
Been waiting for this!
I've been fowling this comic from the very start and love every moment. (I get impatient with updates. Heh heh) I've been looking forward to some mention of Aerith, due to my being a fan of her. This page is lovely. Keep up the incredible work.