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Just do it
Okay Atticus, Thad's hand (his only hand) is occupied. He's off his guard. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.
It doesn't really take an action hero to get out of this situation. Their size and builds are similar. There doesn't appear to be a massive weight/strength difference here. Atty had no trouble grabbing Thad earlier and shoving him up against the cave wall.

He had a couple major opportunities where Thad's only hand was occupied, gun not in hand or even in sight, (Once even when Thad had turned his back to him!) plus if he gets DT back in her ball he can send her right back out and have her light Thad up. Then you run while he puts out his clothes.

Also, yes, Thad has been shown to have a gun in the past. However it is not -in hand- now and we've seen nothing to indicate Thad is some kind of quick draw artist. This just seems... unnecessarily complicated.
@Drakesplash: He's done it before though, back when he fought Stein. He recalled a tuckered out DT and sent out Rat.
Um, Atty... Remember the whole recall thing?
So, Atty, I know you know about this function. You've seen it in action numerous times. You've even used it yourself:
Just... call her back and book it man!
He's put them back in before though, right?
@HVoice: That's kind of what I thought. Why wouldn't Atty just summon her back to her pokeball? I mean, he has put them back in the balls before right? Surely he knows how the return function works...
He said they didn't have enough for both right? Did he lightfinger one of them?
They hurt like crazy
@Marchylls: Fishing rods can actually be really effective non-lethal weapons. This however looks more like a pool cue.
Atty's excited and happy
This never ends well...
Welcome back!
Another fantastic update. I am so glad to see that you're still determined to see this through. Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful comic with such fascinating characters.
Bwahahaha! Tohp's face in that last panel... She's a supervillain in training isn't she?
That second panel...
And there goes my drink, all over the keyboard.
Can't Stop Laughing
Heh. I keep hearing the Vegeta from DBZ Abridged when I read these and I can't quit giggling.
Oh gods. Laughing so hard. XD
Rayne is only 15? o.0

I can't help but feel she's drawn and written in a way that makes her seem older. (Also, while it may make me seem a little dirty minded to point it out, she seems rather well developed in certain areas for a 15 year old girl. She bloomed fricken early.)
Aunt Sarah's Cats?
Is that a reference to Aunt Sarah's Siamese cats from The Lady and the Tramp?
So excited to see an update! I'm looking forward to more whenever you can get back around to it. :D

As for Sun and Moon, right now I'm leaning toward Litten or Rowlett til we can see their evolved forms.
Is that who I think it is?
Please tell me all Atty's crimes are getting blamed on Gary Mother F'n Oak. That would just be amazing.

Enjoy your break!
You said it!
@Psychotheclown: I know, right?!
Say Whaaaaat?
Um, are you sure you meant a week H0ly? I assumed it had been more like a month or two at least. So wait, has Atty only been a Rocket for like, a day? Two days?
Nothing to see here...
@Covarr: Psht, obviously he handed it off to a waiter off-panel. Our glorious leader would Neeeeever make a continuity error like that. :P