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@Silver the Eevee:

Would it be possible that you guys take this conversation to private messages or such? ;; Don't get me wrong, it's nice, but it makes it hard to keep up with comments that actually are relevant to my comic in the front page. Let's just say you're both cute alright
@Arc Impulse: Ahhh thank you so much for such a nice comment! ;v; wow, those are high praise. I'm really happy you like it so much and enjoyed reading it. You're right, comic making isn't easy and i think it's better to end it when it's time. XD Thanks again, I appreciate the words and hope you enjoy the rest of it too~
@MrGills: I'm glad to hear that! ;w;
@MrGills: Lmao thanks! Steven is a cool guy :P
Oh gosh, sorry for forgetting to post these next few pages here, i've had a lot on my place lately. I'm gonna try keep up a good pace to finish this comic.
@SleepyGarchomp: Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, glad you've been liking it~
@MrGills: Oh my gosh, sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for the nice words, I'm so glad you've been enjoying it <3 it's getting close to the end, so yes I'm still writing and finishing it! I hope you enjoy it until the end, thank you so much ;;
@Guest: Well, there will still be one last chapter after this one! So while it's not ending QUITE yet, it's getting there yeah ^^ Thanks~
Alright, all that is left of the comic is Lance and a final (though a bit longer) conclusion chapter after that. Thanks for reading and supporting thus far~
@Wizzbang: Help oh my gosh, thank you so much for the nice words ;w; That means a lot to me, I'm very happy you like it so much<3

I may not start another nuzlocke comic after this ends (I already have another different one ongoing on my deviantart) but I'll be making more comics in general! There are lots of other sweet nuzcomics around though, so definitely go search for some~
@Spirit of Water: Oh thank you <33 That means so much to me. The interior was interesting to draw, yet tough, so I'm glad you like it too haha!

I appreciate it~
@TheMewgon40: Pffft yeesss ;w; Thank you!
Just to clear up, yes they are scissors lol. Silver used them in the past so I wanted to include them here.
@lol: they're just random bird keeper bros
@Julianbb: XD it's just a wide-eyed emoticon with thumbs up.

I'm glad you found the shirt funny!