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@Ccplays1: Sorry, no more nuzlocke comics from me XD I'm working on a (non-pokemon) comic right now though, which will be my priority project for quite some time.
@That Awkward Water Master: Heck, thank you;;; You can do a great job i'm sure, good luck!
@_Cherryheart_: Thank you so much, I really appreciate your nice words :> im glad you enjoyed it! <3
@venami: Sorry for the late reply! Gosh, i appreciate that you took all the time to read through it ;w; i'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it, thank you so much for the nice comment~
@EthanLovesPokemon64: Unfortunately this will be her only adventure. ;w; I will be busy working on non-pokemon stories instead.
@shinyumbreon888: Sorry. ;v; Friendly reminder that I wasn't the one who killed him, it was the in-game battle bullshit sadly, there was nothing i could do. >w> I would have loved to keep him, trust me.
@ChaosDancer12: Raikou, Entei and Suicune only guided the notes to the right places. That's how Em and co found them. Who wrote them was revealed on page 204 onwards. XD
@PossumFlavored: I'm very glad for that! Thank you so much, for reading and for the nice words!
@wizzbang: ;w; maybe I will draw extra comics later haha! Thank you, it was a joy <3
@64Bit_Olu: Glad it made school less boring! :D It was my pleasure, glad to know you enjoyed reading it, thank you for the nice words <3
@Ian Evans: Haha I raelly played it safe for the most part. XD Thank you so much <3
@MrGills: Aw, I wouldn't say this is the best, but im glad you enjoyed it regardless ;v; Drawing all the character shenanigans was a real joy. Thank you so much for reading it and im happy you enjoyed the story!
@Glueckskeks: Thank you, thank you~ I appreciate it a lot!
@TheMewgon40: It's okay, I cried too ;v; Kinda sad to not draw anymore of it!

Gosh, thank you so much though, that's such a high praise for a project that was not planned the best since the beginning, so im happy to know i still managed to make it alright. XD Thank you so much, I really appreciate the nice comments and im glad you enjoyed reading it <3
@Spirit of Water: I appreciate your kind words ;v; Thank you so much, and i'm glad to know you have fun reading it! It was a joy to work on.