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@venami: Sorry for the late reply! Gosh, i appreciate that you took all the time to read through it ;w; i'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it, thank you so much for the nice comment~
@EthanLovesPokemon64: Unfortunately this will be her only adventure. ;w; I will be busy working on non-pokemon stories instead.
@shinyumbreon888: Sorry. ;v; Friendly reminder that I wasn't the one who killed him, it was the in-game battle bullshit sadly, there was nothing i could do. >w> I would have loved to keep him, trust me.
@ChaosDancer12: Raikou, Entei and Suicune only guided the notes to the right places. That's how Em and co found them. Who wrote them was revealed on page 204 onwards. XD
@PossumFlavored: I'm very glad for that! Thank you so much, for reading and for the nice words!
@wizzbang: ;w; maybe I will draw extra comics later haha! Thank you, it was a joy <3
@64Bit_Olu: Glad it made school less boring! :D It was my pleasure, glad to know you enjoyed reading it, thank you for the nice words <3
@Ian Evans: Haha I raelly played it safe for the most part. XD Thank you so much <3
@MrGills: Aw, I wouldn't say this is the best, but im glad you enjoyed it regardless ;v; Drawing all the character shenanigans was a real joy. Thank you so much for reading it and im happy you enjoyed the story!
@Glueckskeks: Thank you, thank you~ I appreciate it a lot!
@TheMewgon40: It's okay, I cried too ;v; Kinda sad to not draw anymore of it!

Gosh, thank you so much though, that's such a high praise for a project that was not planned the best since the beginning, so im happy to know i still managed to make it alright. XD Thank you so much, I really appreciate the nice comments and im glad you enjoyed reading it <3
@Spirit of Water: I appreciate your kind words ;v; Thank you so much, and i'm glad to know you have fun reading it! It was a joy to work on.
@Critic: Thank you, glad you enjoyed it~
Alright, that's it! You can read my full thoughts here:

But yeah, thank you for all the support over here too. It's appreciated, and I'm glad to have the project done!
If you want to see my future shenanigans, follow me on dA, since i'm way more active over there. Thanks to you all~
I will have the last two pages uploaded here shortly!