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i like anime,drawing comics,manga,reading,writing,taking walks with my dog lucky,swimming,going to the beach, going outside,not doing math. i hope to be a manga ka someday "seriously"
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    melissa immerman
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he was the one in the aftermath of pits wasn't he after paska was expelled from her and destroyed right?
@Hisui-Hyena: wooow *w* your art has shot up in quality *claps* very nice~
This adian he not completely colored but i really wanted to show him and his cute big ears~ sorry his hands are so bad but here he is~ and i colored his eyes in too~
this grey razz's newest sweetheart , hwo is an alchemist experiment blending a snake with a human, any child of hers has the possibility to be like a super soldier, further more her venom if treated properly can be an ingredient for immortality. she also has about to different types one dangerous and causes paralsis and degenerates tissue,causing fever and vomiting,t he to her makes you sleep
nah i don;t mind i mean come on working on comic pages in full color is hard work! cute pic btw
this ia angela Noctr. she's about 26 years old a pieces andhas come to MA for inspiration for her novels and illustrations. straight forward and honest, likes peopletoe too the point and is flirtatious. hates beign called short. is half irish and italian. fashionable
@Neko-Chu-Chu: oh well im just glad you colored the other one which looks amazing by the way X3
hey i really like your comic it would love to see shading and tones on this it would look amazing that way also he should be in the same house as the girl neko amy XD keep up the good work!
August 30th, 2011
you know this scene where she was being suffocated reminded me of a story my grandmother told me. about a crazy lover she had who tried to kill her by strangling her. she had to play dead to live.pretty scary.
i got a question i know the girl ringing them in is minor and all. but she very is pretty and i was wondering if she has a specific species that she is. Also i love your artwork you guys work hard on tis keep up the good work.
lorrettas suit
this is lorrettas newest swimsuit~
lorrettas suit
this is lorrettas newest swimsuit~
nice youve improved a lot! X3
yummy red raw flesh......utof what we dont know lol nice job and i love the purring crow
ok i want to join and i have this character i want to make, a water airy/merfolk half breed its alright to make her live longer and have certain magic powers; or can't i make her part fairy because fairys are not a given race listed up here
HAHA! ana pwnd thanos ^_^bow to the cute kitteh!
im going through the same thing, i know thie website called schooloutfiters as artistic tablet pens for eighty dollars each, so currently i am working on paper as well so don't worry i will post soon
July 9th, 2010
this looks like a fun comic..i may join ^_^
i like the look of the overlord very nice