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Cake Bandit
Did you guys know there's a text box here?
I find it oddly creepy...
that Doc would have a color matched body all set up for her...

like he's been watching...

Also, That hair's gotta' take some maintenance. Oils or something to keep it from drying up, right?
Wormhole boy...
He seems to be eating his chat bubble in the third panel...

It's probably just me.
You too are a webcomic machine? How long does it take you to hammer these out? I can get mine done in about a day each...

I know BV but I still won't work faster.

I love the name "McStalin"
Red or dead, comrade.
I loved Chobits...
It might seem kinda' wierd but I loved it. Great, stirring story.

More comic plz.
He is you isn't he...
I never make the connection honestly. In all honesty I'm not sure Linko would realize they liked him in that manner even if they did.
He seems kinda' dense about this kind of thing.
Also, isn't ZS a human? I'm getting Chobits flashbacks just thinking about the implications.
;-; but, but, I reads them.
This is an akward love-good-evil triangle you've got going.
I picked up my emulator and started going back through my old megaman games.

And I kinda' like the idea of Lunko being limited. He would be one of the early models or free thinking metool, right? I assume he had to create his own body too. That seems like it would be a difficult thing for a metool to do.
Aside from the emotional turmoil...
I'd love to see more mettank.
I can't figure why they've been letting Wily just stand there yammering for the past 4 or so comics...
My disbelief is suspended well enough.
She looks most definitely female. I am still nagged by the fact that the unimind, genderless metools have divided themselves into man and woman. It must be and interesting choice for some. I'm going to rationalize it for now that having lived with their keeper for so long that they would model themselves after them in a blazing display of irony.

Unfortunately I'm still nagged that the free thinking metools have modelled themselves after their human oppressors in appearance. It'd make an interesting plot twist if some metool made this realization and completely overhauled himself in his shock. Then again, this isn't my story and I'll leave this kind of thing for your mind to ponder.
Long comment is looooong.
I would say that this comic leaves very little room for cameos.

I will say that I'm having a little trouble digesting Lydia. As machines I always have a little trouble allowing for the inclusion of gender amongst them. It seems like that would be far too much of a human influence. I also note the general human model that they adhere to.

Is it possible that through their struggles they have only become closer to what they hope to destroy?

I'm probably just reading WAY too far into this. Ah well, I guess all I can do is wait and watch.
I've been noticing that sort of thing more and more often.
I'd buy that one panel of weightless Steve were it on a T-Shirt and I had the money to do so.
For the record I only started doing the art on about the last five comics.

I snatched up my name from my brother ILSS on

Right now I think of the little green dude when I think Linko. In time I hope to get to thinking of Paul Bunion chugging a watertower full of some unidentified intoxicant only a fifty foot lumberjack could ever hope to handle.
I admire your grammar.
In other news

linko_16 has been permanently etched into my mind. For reasons that it won't explain to me. It finds it oddly catchy.

I do hope you'll drop by my comic and give it the once over as well.
He seems to keep his television at pelvis level.

Why is this? Am I misinterpreting something?
A general note
If nobody says anything about something you did then it was probably correct.

To tell the truth the shadows fit in so nicely I didn't even realize they were there and hadn't the slightest thought that they were made by you. They just belonged, unquestioned.
I dig what you're feelin', man.
My main bother with it is that if feels like you've turned the resolution WAAAAAY down on the comic when it happens. I know it's a necessity, it's just akward sometimes.
I consider it an obligatory service to the author to comment. You post, I RATE and COMMENT. That is how my world works.

I too share in your desire for a world in which people comment. What I really wish is that people would RATE THEM every now and again.

I just got done going through your archive and rating them. It's a short archive so I did them all.