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[ATTN] Mood Elements is u/c. I don't have a basis on the storyline or a good working title--Mood Elements doesn't really work for me--so, expect a revised title, banner, story, etc. soon.

but hi there, i'm michi.
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zak's expression in the last page totally misled me.. -u-;;;;
D'awww..I still prefer Hades and Persephone though.. ;u;;;;
Oh he's so cute *////*
I really want to kill Zak.
KEKEKE. Go to Kai now, Liana. MUAHAH >>>;D
Cutesies :3 I wish he'd love her even if Demeter didn't ask..
NUUU ;u;;; these cliffhangers are KILLING MEEE, TuT
I love this manga! -dies of shoujo- :3~

-Pats Kai on the head-
Good boy. Now kiss her.
Kissing her > Killing her

;o;;;;;;; NUUUUUU~
@w@@@ your art~ omgaah, i loove it~
&this layout too~! @3@~
lawwllzz ~ ;///; gomen, natsuki-chan ~!!
lovely page as alwaaays *w*
FAAASTERRR oAo;;/ ~!! lolz im kidding natsuki-sama, go at your own pace ~!
more updates muahaha <3
whooot poseidon ~ ♥
dont flood the underworld tho ~! ;u;;;
zeus you ghgajnvurhlhn >w<*;;;;
awwwwweee ~
shes so adorable ~!
and how she stays happy even though her mom is in that condition.. ;A;;;; AWEE~~
YOU DRAW SO WELL ~!! ;A;;;;;
even tho her mommys sleeping, she still looks really pretty ;;;
& moe is teh cuutenesss +///+ ~``
aawweehh~ ;A;;;;
lol persephone is sucha cuutiee