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True true, but he looks somewhat gay
lovely pic, still here if you need me

EDIT: Got your PM, send it back ^_^
your just great with green, wonderful! But the eyes are like... how can I say this? Look terrible, something jsut doesn't seem right about them yet I can't put my figner on it, 4/5
nice choice with color, position and idea sadly the right side of the face looks like it's eye is looking somewhere else, ruining it relly 4/5
Ya know, I like it yet at the same time I don't, I love the red and blue colors, they give it a strange yet awesome look, the only thing I can complain about is the face, the nose seem strange for a reason, 4/5
January 16th, 2008
nah, making love with a asian guy is always fun, right?... right?

back to reality: Actuly I belive she there cause she needs some help...
wow... 3 images in a row that are like perfect, VERY well done with this one, love the green, make it look more dark/dreamy
very well done, you friend should be happy


very well done, she looks like 'what are you looking at?'
Ahhh how sweet
January 12th, 2008
Nice with the color, everything is well done

cept for the fact that it feels like nothing moving, what I mean is like the plot just stop
Lol so true, people lack idea

they should think like me: Canniblizime girl with devil wings running around killing people to live but also trying to stop the armagadon XD just makes everything all more unique

still agree, WAY to abuse now days, magical girls are needed every corner. If someone wants to watch a magical girl, watch sailor moon

and what with the freaking pose? Is it relly neccesary? I mean your giving the enemy like 3 whole minutes to escape, smmmmart
nice jokes, keep going, Fav +
lol, again, how would he live without her? XD

Edit: Read your template problem, send a PM
Awesome story so far, back up with good drawing and fast updateds

A++ (XD)
Happy New Year!
Happy Holiday to you too, nice pic btw
Have the agree with the girl, lol

must say the drawing is still relly well done, I'm also glad this comic is updated almost daily
Lol, thank god he's married
Noooo... God damn Next, next, next! Nooo damnit no new pages...

anyway godo comic