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September 24th, 2015
I LOVE IT <3 keep up the awesome work! lol
I love this so much! Thank you for updating so much! <3
Omg I love your comic LOL

SO to start, I work at a hotel and have worked at hotels for 3 years (LOL) I work as a Night Auditor whose job is balancing all the billing for the hotel and making sure there's no errors, it generally runs from 11pm till 7am it's the slowest and quietest shift of the hotel. That's the reason I was interested in this comic XD it's pretty legit, I guess for a property that only gets 1-10 check-ins a day it's natural to lock up the lobby at night and NOT have an auditor, to save money. I like the layout and the set up of Bettencourt *v* I also super liked the scene where Lucky used the executioner to kill Emily and her new 'leech' LOL that was like the best XD I was like OH SHIT GO LUCKY WTF XD

Anyway, I read it all the way through till now and I really like the plot twists so far XD awesome job on your comic! <3 I'll be looking for updates ;D ahhh hotels are great no? Except for bitch guests, sometimes I wish we had an executioner at our hotel- I know a few guests I'd lure into those halls around midnight. ;D
I READ ALL OF IT XD so far- and I love Thomas! I adore how grumpy his internal dialogue is ;v; ahhhh so cute-- poor messed up babies :'D LOL love all of it keep up the amazing work! <33333