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Hey it's the mind behind the mega busting imitator. If you want, read some of my stuff and I hope you enjoy.

If you want to talk to me, or see other stuff, you'll find me on MG or my deviantArt page:
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    Howly or Storm
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Over 5 years of Aware does things to you I hear.
he’s never with me
I may or may not have a problem
>Oh hey, our friend Drake is there playing kittens too! Good to have those sad unconscious memory fluctuations.
@TheJGamer: What do you mean what the fuck? Clearly, that the fuck.
I'd say we should kinkshame but we all know damn well that's not gonna work
God forbid if this was a crossover
Always wanted to do a comic based on fighting games. But I also wanted to make the most unlikely protagonist to lead the adventure. And who more fitting than Mr. Saikyo Style himself, Dan Hibiki! This may come back onto the idea table someday, but for now it's in the vault.
Rider belt not included
I blame myself
If I didn’t know any better, you sound quite
Katsu building camp moral as always I see
This is one of the more philosophical entries to the legend of bread which was sliced
Who put drugs in my soda?
@KirbyandPokemonFan: Yes... grovel some more~ .png
Glandor: Green Lantern’s got this!
Recycle bin is forbodden