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Well it's WST season on the MG forum, and I decided to do a little banter practice. And since I like to go all out for banter, I decided to make a mockup screenshot of a KOF XIII styled pre speech dialogue intro. These things usually start off in Arcade Mode and showcases clashing personalities before the fight actually begins. Since I had ripped assets, I decided to plug in my entrant for this year, Randy Jazz, and fellow author Niv's character, Vela, in this little war of words.

Speaking of the WST, Sign ups have officially open on the forum for all comic creators to enter. For those of you who don't know, the WST is the World Spriters Tournament. Essentially it's a character based tournament where you take your entry and compete with other authors to see who can create the best battle comic in each round. This year is being hosted by Vixin McCloud and Clockwork, so you can expect some surprises being added to the mix. For for information, just check out the link below:
Boop, time for warp loop
@Shard: You're one to talk, but that's for another time.
Howly: n.png
It's the battle between a knight, and the meta
Since Niv didn't post this, here own.png
I die too often for it to be concerning
[Gourment Race music intensifies]
Niv was that waddle dee faceplant when working on these pages.
So Niv's been shiny hunting...
that Dee was just waddling, now he's a umbrellaed dish without the drink.
Off to Netherland!
9 for the dive attack
0 for the lack of landing
Poor guy. He died as he lived. Screaming.