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I like to play video games that are not that scary (horror games give me anxiety). I am very good with computers. I can be very curious and sometimes it can get me into trouble. I don't like things that are to hard like spelling and litrasey. I also have mild ASD (autism spectrum disorder) so somethings can look and be hard but usually it's because I don't get it.
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    Harrison Walters
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@WaddleDeeKing: see things worked out
@WaddleDeeKing why not?
@Ybrik Etamitlu: O just found out your name is ultimate kirby.😜
@BattleStarX: no laser it can't be a kirby game without a laser. Also will there ever be quips in DDD news?
WOW 4 comics in 1 day that is AWESOME😄
@BattleStarX I got that demo too. It is so badass.
@Ultimate Yoshi: your comics are awesome
@Ultimate Yoshi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😭...😐 meh
I am a big fan of kirby, I mean come on how can you not like him he his so cute😊. Kirby adventure squad is pretty good sometimes it is confusing and sometimes it's funny. You should keep making comics for it. So keep up the good work😎.