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I mostly write and I'm shitty artist right now. I also like violent manga and anime, yaoi anime and original comic ones, shojo manga of all forms.

My favorite games are harvest moon, pokemon, and every fight games I can find or heard of.

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Triple C or C.C.C.
@GreenKrog: This we agree. XD
*sarcasm*Oh Joy*sarcasm* You have Wend 'The Controller' on your left and now Bree 'If you not born this way then get the hell'. You know I'm begin to miss our old school mostly because even although most of school body should go to hell at least we didn't have fake friends on both side.
@GreenKrog: What happen. I never try to talk as much on your story because I would always positive things and I thought it would get boring after while. But something just happen so what is it.

P.S. Your story is amazing and addicting. Annie is a girl I every right and also need a remind that she loves by her fans. I just want to said that I think Lexi need therapy but not from her mother and not the fraud neither.
Isn't that the guy who gave her an owl.
Holy shit I be try to see how to do that!!
@zinnzinnluv:.......How?And Swan Lake!
Is this the end for Ket?!
Will she be able to use her fourth wall power?!
Tune In Next Time of Dargon Bal-I mean Aware!!!!!!!!!
How I see whoring
@Amapora: You're right he didn't said that however it how people heard it. At least to me I feel that Tonomi after hearing what he said felt like he might as well said she was a whore,and that also how I felt as well if my boyfriend who just cheated on me said anything that is close to the word whore.Whether it's whoring,whorish,or whored(though I don't know if that a word)most people would still in up hearing whore no matter how it is said. So I hope that help you understand why at least me kept said whore and even if you didn't completely understand. I hope we can agree to disagree
@YukixKaname1: Thank you but that not just my reason for been mad at Link. Are that he is going to get her fired because we all known this won't end well and the other is why when you felt unneed did you not use this to bring her lunch. So that you wouldn't cheat on her. Link you are weakest link goodbye.
One Word:STUPID!!!!!

Okay I get you are trying to win her back,but calling her a whore and boring may take more time.Then just show up at her work,which I might add would get her in trouble!DX LINK IS SO STUPID!!!!!!!
@RoninHunt0987: and we still going to probably be counting and I regret nothing.

what are we heh about?
Ooooooh,Colleague vs Colleague.Friend vs Friend. Crazy Scientist vs Clam crazy Scientist. BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!
February 21st, 2015
That not it
No I think at least when it comes to me. That I want to see him fried not freed.
January 20th, 2015
I've only one question and only one. Where can I buy this story?
Nao: No
Nao:No way

Me:They're twin
@Josephk: OMGosh So was I as soon as he said that I thought Now use Flamethrower.XD
Who's Tek?!