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@MasterTalon: I think you made a typo in the first panel "Good and hide in whatever hole."
@MEEP GOD: Alternatively if they were to truly work together and each villain sticked to his strength then Wily would make the soldiers for their army, Robotnik would make their fleet and superweapons, and Bowser and his minions would bring magic into the mix
@Extremmefan: It's likely that SSB isn't in this comic's canon,same for the other two but with the potential added bonus that MasterTalon hasn't even heard about them
@MasterComic: Wow both short and long- term memory loss, sure sucks to be him
Somehow I think you meant "the man in green"
@SassyThePokemonLover: Oh yeah Homestuck starts out slooow, however the first few arcs are still important and when it picks speed it picks up speed. That said I'm not ashamed to say I only made it to the interesting parts by reading Problem Sleuth first so I knew what Hussie was capable of
Didn't Cliff learn how to use axes when he reached level 4 back in comic 500?
Meh "Babymonkey (going backwards on a pig)"is still my favorite Parry Gripp song
A Shard I think you misspelled Vincent in the last panel
@snurple did you know Venco is the name of a Dutch licorice company?

--> Sam : Since he has already heard you, you might as well go for the poltergeist routine
Yeah this sort of thing should be fun for the author/artist/spriter/whatever as well
So is the Red x Yellow ship gonna be called Orange?
I just noticed that Mes isn't on the castpage
*gets karate chopped while looking at the comic*
Ehm since Glandor is telekinetic wouldn't having turned into a physic type make more sense for him?
Personally I would have gone with a Dragon-type for Green
SMG- Suddenly Meatball Glider
All three Tamers, use your Digivice and Digivolve your partner.