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Random as hell and lazy as sin.
best not-quite-passive aggressive mom ever.
hopefully this doesn't look like crap and i can resize it if it does >,<
hella cute!
Species: minotaur
Age: an adult age
Height : 5'9"
Likes: certain people, pretty scenery, protecting friends, making friends, small fuzzy animals (cats are a big plus), crafting things/keeping hands busy
Dislikes: being alone, feeling isolated, mazes, swimming, strangers, jerks, being too social, being tied down, excessive
Sexuality: lesbian

* is an awkward duck- doesn't like being alone, but isn't really sure how to be social
* grew up underground in a maze for much of her life, and isn't fond of humans or excessive traps due to it
* despite her brute strength, she is extremely cautious with small animals and friends and would never mean to hurt either
super cute!
Is this still alive? Because I'm feeling... no. But it looks cool. So I have to ask.
Hmm... sad, I was thinking of putting in an application for maybe joining. :/