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Witch Girl Pilar
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I like how you did the perspective in the second panel. :)

And, oh my... I wonder how the owner will react... xD;
If that Queen of Chaos IS the enemy right now, Sypher might be sad. D:
At least the expressions are noce. xD;
Ooooh... interesting... Queen of Chaos, huh...

Yeah, I agree with you, K.K. The hands in the last panel look great. Good job. /^0^/
Oooh... now I'm curious... xD;

And, OMG, Disgaea 3??? Damn, I want a PS3 now.... xDDDD;
I agree
They look similar. In a way, ehehe.

And love the 2nd panel. So cute. xDDDD;
Too small...
The page is too small, so I suggest going to my dA account for the full-view, sorry. ^^;
Oh my, should Jack do it? the decision is for him to make. O_o
I LOLed at the last panel. Rainbow, teehee. xD
How interesting. A swordsman who similar to Lone... DUNDUNDUN.

Suspense rising. XD
I like Lone's expression here, hehe. xD;
Haha, this is really awesome. Nice job. XD
How can a laser make a pow sound? xD;

LOL, winsome indeed, haha. xDDDDD
I wonder what's with the rain... @w@
I swear this is just a random doodle I drew. I didn't expect it to turn out a little, uhm, more epic than I thought, so I decided to color it.

I swear, I have NO idea what's the whole idea. |D
She looks pretty. Nice job with the hands. :D
Why, how calm of her. :D

And, LOL Chersire cat smile! 8D
Not exactly suicide, mind you. xDDDD
Heck yeah, even the short bean can't do that-

Edward: Who are you calling a tiny midget bean?!

Oops. |D;