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I would have liked to see a guy hawking a golden Magikarp.
Oooooh, I'm having flashbacks to all the tree trunk-wielding trolls from all those Lord of the Rings RTS games I used to play. But I played the bad guys, so it's the trolls I sent to their deaths!! NOOOOOO! FORGIVE ME!!
Why not just put most of them in their pokeballs? She was smart enough to do that earlier, and they make a lot of noise, and are easy to spot. Plus, I am pissed at them for fooling around with dead bodies.
Crosswalks in Kanto
So big blue dinosaurs walk across the street while drivers watch on, without sparking any reaction?
I don't think I've ever seen a bird in fiction come off as sultry as right now.

Also, this interpretation of a Fearow really makes you think of the connection between dinosaurs and birds.
Any point to this winter?
I've seen in the games, anime, and fan comics, pokemon being adversely affected by weather and temperate conditions. In the official comics, as well as the anime, there's been suggestions that the pokemon have some awareness of what happens outside of pokeballs. But rarely are they AFFECTED by these things INSIDE of the pokeball. Isn't the entire point of their existence to serve as containers, transportation, and housing? This seems to be the case in game, where the personal conditions of stored pokemon, like poison and paralysis, remained unchanged in the ball, but only outside does the actual whether effect their stats. The way the Pokemon games state EVERY status and reaction after EVERY turn and move can be annoying, and we all jam on the button to move along. But this serves to function as evidence that the effects of the weather don't occur until AFTER a pokemon has been released.

They remain frozen in pokeballs, this is true. But this suggests that they're just in some sort of stasis, unchanging. Nothing has ever poisoned or frozen someone who was inside a pokeball. If this wasn't the case, imagine the hundreds or thousands of trainers that would have to move or journeys that would be altered when the seasons change.

Although fans often fill in the massive gaps in the way of physics and narrative in the pokemon world, these are things we still observe happening, have to consider canon, and just work with. Why couldn't Robin just keep these two in their pokeballs? We haven't seen them return to them in awhile, is the implication that they're damaged or broken, possibly due to something Surge did when he captured them? Then why has she kept the rest of her pokemon, like the Ratatta, Machop and Bellsprout HM slave in theirs? We've even seen how that Bellsprout can be sent in and out. I can understand you want some outward catalyst for change that isn't "someone died" or "the cops found them." But if you wanted to get these characters out of the story, or change the setting, there are less contrived ways.
What's with that onix?
Is that the same onix who was picking on them from awhile ago? He lives in the cave? I thought the Beedrill landed on him outside of it, where he slept.

By the way, what happened to the Machop who saved them? Or the Ratatta? We haven't seen hide nor hair of them since their introduction comics. We've only seen the Swann's cousign, the Weepingbell one, but I figured that just had to do with the joke of her being an HM slave. Robin doesn't seem limited by the PC system of carrying only 6 pokemon at a time, considering we've never seen her interact with one. So what's stopping her from having more than 6 out at a time?
A God on Earth
This picture is fantastic at tying pokemon (some anyway) with the forces of nature.
Oh, now I see it.
Yikes. Just went back a page to look for something, saw the claws. I think I skimmed that picture, I thought it was just more pretty nature. Then I saw Robin freaking out. Great job.
Would have been smarter for the Weepingbell to handle the voltorb... or anyone but the water type.
She didn't start the fire.
That doesn't make any sense. The fire came from when that room full of trainers tried to all be superheroes, and pulled their pokemon out at the same time. The door exploded outward, with her screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! WHAT'SHAPPENIIINGG!!??"
There was no indication that she's the one who caused it.

How could she cause an explosion like that? None of her pokemon know any energy attacks, and even though she has talent, and done some questionable things, she isn't a home grown terrorist who could assemble a bomb out of random things in just a few minutes. She was chowing down on cake and chicken at the buffet! Yes, she did make boat move forward, but the implication of burning down a boat full of people is something else that's very significant. Yes, they probably already suspect her for it, but having her think she did it, despite all the evidence otherwise, makes no sense. This feels like the author trying to prolong and raise the stakes of Robin's conflict by forcing a wedge between her and the only empathetic authority figure she's met.

Also, how has no one stopped the boat? The police captain/detective (I can't recall her rank) was RIGHT THERE at the bridge, and apparently the boat can be stopped just by setting a switch upright.