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I'm a 16 year old high school student, that pretty much sums of a majority of what I do. Pretty much I just try and do well in school, which can be shown by the fact that the night before I wrote this I had my first scary dream in a while that consisted of me getting less then 50% on a grade card in multiple subjects. Ah, but other then that I'm hoping to one day become a novelist. My likes include transofrmation, pretty much explains exactly what I like. Ya get me, I like things where people turn into something unnaturally. The confusion that runs over their face and then the terror as they slowly start to realize they're not dreaming. . . hehehe. . . but ya, that's basically me. I'm also quite interested in forensic science.
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or as Tedd said

"Best. Card. EVER!" (just change it for context reasons)
. . . wow.

As my friend would say "Now that's just sad" XD

Now I have a vivid imagination but he. . . has his switched into overdrive.